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Everything about Web and Network Monitoring

What does our community like in

We are conducting our surveys periodically and the answers help us better understand our community needs and improve the service accordingly. We recently ran a survey checking what our users like and don’t like in our 292 people responded to the survey, which we conducted via an independent service SurveyMonkey. Bellow you can see the answers to to the question “What do you like in” All users can answer only once and cannot see each others answer. You can see that many respondents emphasize service attributes like “free”, “easy”, “reliable”, “simple”, “practical”, “customizable”, “complete”, “feature reach” and features like “email alerts”, “summary reports”, “widgets”, “multiple protocols”, “web2 interface”, “IM notifications”, “charts” etc. You can see complete answers bellow:

  1. Free and easy to use. No frills.
  2. Free Service Weekly Reports
  3. Good free service
  4. There’s a free version. I can monitor if my site is up and running. Monitoring starts a script uploading a database. Very friendly user interface.
  5. it’s free it’s for private and not sharing
  6. Email when a machine crashes, HTTP test actually connects and requests /
  7. It’s free. It’s easy to set up. Pure and simple… What cheapskate local govt. admin needs.
  8. It is free. I like the easy to read reports and graphs along with the different views.
  9. Ability to monitor pop3/smtp/ftp
  10. Friendly, web-based, sends alerts to my phone and to my MSN (most of the time)
  11. - Its free, and therefore suits small users. – Google Toolbar Widget – Works as promised – Open API – Ajax Interface
  12. Free easy to use independent reliable
  13. Ease of use.
  14. It’s free!
  15. it’s free 2) monitoring from multiple locations 3) weekly summary reports
  16. report up and down of my sites
  17. 1.Email reports 2. Interesting use of new technology like google/mac widget integration, rrs… 3. Free
  18. Free Reliable Good interface
  19. The clean design and easy to understand features
  20. simplicity to start using that
  21. It’s free :-)
  22. email alerts when systems go down
  23. simple, practical, free
  24. The instant update and access to good tools
  25. That it’s free. It has an interesting user interface that is refreshing and easy to use. And it’s lots of client side scripting so it’s fast too.
  26. It’s easy It do what it have to do
  27. An extremely powerful service that is free of charge to use. I had been planning to develop a website monitoring service for my websites to deploy on a variety of home/office based PCs, but after seeing this service I realized there was no need.
  28. It’s free for starters, but it gives good readouts of the various services on my servers to really get a good feel, too often monitoring companines simply say ‘It was down’ when with your service I can see graphs that show the increased latency etc. and can really narrow down what happened from a particular monitor/region.
  29. detailed uptime and graph
  30. Timely updates in server problems.
  31. Low cost. Easy to use. Excellent reporting
  32. I’m a system administrator so the for me is a great benefit to receive an email when a system or a fail check, so i know what is the machine and the service which have the problem.
  33. Particularly the weekly report. :)
  34. Simple e-mails, weekly PDF report
  35. nice concept good reports (emails) it’s free :)
  36. feed rss email alert graphical report multi site monitoring snapshot stat report with number level of personalization
  37. It gives me information about when my sites are visited. I have yet to learn how to use this to my advantage. I do not want to modify the content to match some formula, but an increase in traffic will be of use when I start advertising there.
  38. Its Free! And it works, it perfectly fulfilled the task I needed.
  39. Track my websites uptime
  40. That its reporting is very nice, it is off site and non-biased.
  41. It’s simple and free. Weekly report is very neat. Uses ‘new’ web technology
  42. No charge Option to upgrade to better testing Graphs Ease of use
  43. Free and ease of use.
  44. Ease of use. Diagrams, charts Reports.
  45. wide functionality user friendly interface
  46. desktop widget
  47. The visits tracking and traffic reports
  48. 1) Free (I can try out without worrying financial approvals) 2)Reporting 3)Alerts 4)Multi location info 5) Benchmark
  49. graphs 2. ability to monitor all sites n one place 3. email/rss alerts 4. free
  50. It’s free. It’s solid. It works.
  51. Customizable screen layout.
  52. It’s free! I love the emails that tell me when my site is down, and the weekly emails.
  53. great web2 application very useful service
  54. easy to use and maintain interface
  55. Email service
  56. I like to be able to have this information to show the ISP that we know what our actual uptime is. It lest them know we’re watching and they better deliver the uptime they advertise.
  57. I really like that you offer monitoring that is done at a reasonable rate for free. the last tool i used would only check the web server once every 5 hours so it was difficult to get an accurate measure of the uptime. i also like that you have a tool to monitor traffic stats.
  58. continue as a free service agents with support make actions like run scripts in other servers
  59. free, easy to use
  60. Weekly reports on mail Web2.0 interface
  61. Everything!
  62. free, graphs, notifications
  63. Automated updates. Price. :)
  64. - It’s free – Great interface – Email alerts when stuff fails
  65. Fantastic user interface, easy to use, reliable, FREE!
  66. Love the interface in a general way, its like netvibes and pageflakes which I am used to. I like the mailed PDF summary sent out cause i don’t often visit the site.
  67. Free (thank you!), listen to community, range of test types, potentially very responsive interface thanks to AJAX (but fiddly in practice)
  68. Immediate contact when a service come down. Semanal Report from service operate
  69. the fact that I can check with different protocols like SIP (even more protocols would be better !!!)
  70. It was simple to setup and free
  71. The friendly attitude Its free for non commercial users it works (well)
  72. easy , modular, create – shape – be creative ;-)
  73. Does the job.
  74. Uptime report via email and unavailable host emails.
  75. Yes, I like it! It’s free, it gives comparison and it sends reports :)
  76. free monitoring
  77. The dashboard main screen
  78. it keeps inform me whenever my website is down, so i can contact my hosting provider immediately
  79. Free, easy to use
  80. price, the ability to know what is going on with my sites at any given time, smooth user experience (Ajax)
  81. It’s easy to configurate your own page
  82. Port 80 monitoring.
  83. Free and reliable
  84. The Google Desktop plug-in which gives me a dashboard of all my web sites and their status.
  85. Google gadget and reports in PDF
  86. free – external monitoring from different locations – open api (even if we’re not using it at the moment may be handy later)
  87. Nice and clear-cut graphs Customizable interface
  88. Ease of use, Complete offering
  89. I am using it because it is free, and very easy to setup (can I call ‘setup’ entering an URL?)
  90. easy to use does exactly what i expect
  91. Very stable and reliable
  92. Easy to use Free service POP3 monitoring, not only HTTP
  93. I like that it presents and easy way for me to know if my site has gone down.
  94. ease of use and customizability
  95. Simple interface, multitude of tests, email notification, graphing and charting.
  96. The web site is great free service, nice to have for non-profit organisation like us
  97. Free, easy to use, good interface.
  98. good free service
  99. The fact that I get quick notifications whenever my website goes offline.
  100. I like its cost! but the main thing is that the software allows you to monitor multiple sites which is a major bounus for web development agencies
  101. I Like the easy to use interface, AJAX is sexy! I also like the free model for now, though I am a marketer myself so I know where this model is heading. Can not say I blame you!
  102. cumulative uptime reporting, widget, time to reach server
  103. The simplicity.
  104. Realtime monitoring Free service
  105. It’s FREE!
  106. ease of use
  107. control panel!
  108. Weekly Emails. Succinct Status Pages
  109. email alerts
  110. Great graphical presentation of the data.
  111. its precise and always on the ball
  112. Its useful in monitoring sites down time
  113. It’s free. I like the interface. I like that I receive email alerts. It’s free. I like the RSS status feature. Did I mention I like that it’s free? I like the widgets provided. This is perfect for my awareness.
  114. Simplicity of setup and use
  115. The email alerts and weekly .pdf report.
  116. reports are simple layout is simple for non english speaker it’s easy to understand (not too technical)
  117. That it is free
  118. Knowing the uptime of my site
  119. It is free.
  120. Its summaries of the status of my three web sites and Google.
  121. Love the way that I can organize my own pages, fully, the most full actually that I have ever seen, customizable. I like of course the free nature. PDF report is nice, I can save and store for future reference
  122. Server monitoring…
  123. Instant Web Charts
  124. Alot of monitoring capabilities – Nice GUI :)
  125. different types of tests other than http only like other services (smtp, pop etc.). multiple testing locations very detailed history.
  126. Its free! That’s the most important thing. It gives me as a webmaster a hint about how well my host keeps its uptime, and also providing me with nice statistics and notifications about when and where my site was down. Has a really neat and nice user interface which makes it easy and enjoyable to change/view settings.
  127. - Easy snapshot view – Weekly PDF reports – Monitoring in 30-minute intervals (rather than 1 or 2 hour intervals) – Multiple monitoring locations – Easy-to-use charts and graphs
  128. The service in general The fact that it’s free (although I think many corporations would pay fur such service) The details in the reports The fact that there are multiple test servers, which rules out many routing problems on nodes.
  129. Weekly reports and email alerts. I rarely use your site (I find it confusing) – probably bad news for your advertising based business model!
  130. I’m a new user and not explore all tools but for me is very important the problem notification, and also like facilities to insert page and organize all.
  131. Web page test with keywords looks inside Be able to schedule a downtime (special & recurrent) generate report easily
  132. Small and simple, straight and clear… once you set up your reports.
  133. Just to know for sure what is really going on with my ISP.
  134. it’s free, it allow one to move chart where you want and to read in bar forms or numerical forms as well.
  135. Nice interface 2. Easy navigation 3. Timely notifications
  136. free reliable reports
  137. The email alerts! And then being able to go back to the web and see how long a site had been down.
  138. The user interface is great. Being able to monitor many sites from one page is great. The graphs make it easy to see what’s happening. The email notifications are great.
  139. fast and easy to use overview about the availability of our web server
  140. reliability, weekly reports
  141. reliability simple interface
  142. The fact that it was real time free monitoring with notifications is a massive plus. Also the system is very easy to set up and use, specially with the added widget.
  143. It’s free, fast, and accurate.
  144. Timely monitoring
  145. Nice format. Ajax interface. Email notifications.
  146. luxus
  147. It’s free!
  148. Free, accurate, timely updates, delivers important information about my sites status.
  149. adverts,site biulder
  150. Easy, free – nice UI
  151. it seems to work
  152. The alerts sent by many different means (SMS, ICQ/AIM/etc…, email) is an excellent offering. I also really like the weekly PDF reports showing a breakdown of number of requests, those failed and those passed, and the percentage of uptime.
  153. It’s Free! Easy to use, configure and setup
  154. Easy to use, Free for basic services.
  155. It’s – Free. Does exactly the job required. Free. The scope of tests available. Oh did I mention it’s free ;-)
  156. Charts & Graphs Multiple Testing Locations Historic Information Response Time
  157. The ability to check on servers via cell phone, maybe a slimmed down cell phone only interface?
  158. It gives a wealth of information and nice looking graphs. In addition, I like that it allows me to display only the stats that I wish to see.
  159. fairly straightforward to get up and running
  160. Ease of use, excellent reports, precise reporting
  161. free and no false positives.
  162. It’s what I need
  163. I can keep track of my hosts servers that they use for my websites.
  164. easy, fast, nice graphs
  165. The interface is pretty cool and allows you to organize some things. Cost. Open source software use.
  166. free
  167. Love the service rss feed and widgets are great
  168. no other service like it AFAIK;
  169. I like the e-mail notifications and is the main part I use.
  170. free monitoring free reports
  171. Free monitoring 3 different servers
  172. See my servers uptime
  173. It’s Free! It works! It’s informative
  174. To be honest, the best thing about is that I haven’t really noticed it at all. It does its job, and therefore doesn’t really require my attention, unlike services that just don’t work.
  175. NA
  176. Price (free!) Reliability Instant email updates of problems and resolutions
  177. the graphics, the way I can organize the reports at the work area. I don’t have much time to use it, but is a really good tool
  178. Free, free, free. :-)
  179. simplicity in use very easy to understand results
  180. It’s free
  181. For what I am using for the service is exactly what I need. Simple up/down/response time.
  182. The price (free) is right!
  183. nothing
  184. It is free
  185. Free service Free notifications Free regular reports Customizable
  186. Easy to use and highly customizable user interface
  187. Easy to use, was free at the time.
  188. Free. Nice interface. Appears to work well.
  189. Easy to use
  190. relatively easy to setup, nice integrations with other tools like google homepage widget
  191. Like the ability to customize the control panel. It is easy to set up multiple monitors and multiple alert recipients. Historical graphs are a plus too.
  192. Free capability to monitor my sites!
  193. An excellent service, and an unbeatable price. I like the multiple chart options, and the multiple e-mail option for alerts.
  194. it’s simple, straightforward, sophisticated and complete. I like you guys a lot.
  195. free. valuable information about activity of my site.
  196. is dependable summary reports various supported protocols (http, pop3, etc) free
  197. Reliability Emails
  198. Its free and it gives a good overview
  199. I just started to review its features.. give me a few weeks to complete our assement. thanks ! mitchell
  200. Visual graphs, statistics, weekly email reports.
  201. monitor a bunch of sites all in one place.
  202. Very good service overall. Thank you.
  203. Easy to use Weekly report by e-mail
  204. Free service, – Being able to monitor any service (not just typical http, icmp, …), – Several test points (US, DE, AT) available,
  205. Easy setup and no fuss maintenance
  206. Easy to add new tests. Can access it anywhere at anytime.
  207. * very nice looking charts * great config options in creating pages and reports * Tags and tabs are excellent for organizing data * Three monitoring locations * VoIP, DNS, TCP, UDP, IMAP monitoring * static scale charting is nice
  208. the weekly report
  209. That I get notice that my site is having a problem.
  210. Is very good service. Also the interface it’s very impressive. I am used to monitor my server for over 4 months and Generally I am very happy for the service.
  211. easy to read and use
  212. Free, Clean design
  214. I like that it’s free. I like that it’s a 3rd party service (as opposed to me monitoring my own sites.)
  215. emailed notifications
  216. Very fast, good reports via Email, Service monitoring (http, mail, …)
  217. easy
  218. its free get emailed when outages occur you get reports emailed to you you can enter multiple sites
  219. IM Notifications through google talk, price, ability to monitor from multiple locations
  220. Confirming the availability of my webhost.
  221. Everything. For a free service it is very good! Being able to monitor more than just HTTP is the best part. Able to monitor FTP,POP3 etc has really helped me and my clients websites.
  222. Flexibility of its configuration Free Use
  223. Very easy to set up, fast and reliable.
  224. pop3 & smtp monitoring
  225. Free, Reliable, Effective management of multiple web site uptime.
  226. its free, its simple, it works
  227. The ability to monitor uptime based on response time, not just whether a response was received or not, the email updates, and the uptime reports.
  228. I can use it in netvibes!
  229. ease of use. the email when a service isn’t available and another email to let me know when it does restart. the weekly report.
  230. send me periodic alerts, free, seems to be reliable
  231. free – simple to use, email alerts
  232. Nice straightforward service that just tells it like it is.
  233. Look of Interface Rapid response of UI
  234. Easy to use Alerts via email Weekly summary reports, especially comparison against Goggle
  235. The real time status on my Google home page The weekly reports Of course the price
  236. All of the features
  237. ability to monitor on one web page, all our sites and mail server.
  238. monitoring, notifications, good name
  239. the free version easy interface weekly and monthly reports
  240. Weekly report. easy to manage account.
  241. it’s a sleek free service that monitor the ups and downs of a website !!!
  242. monitoring my web downtime
  243. Simple setup. Custom report pages. Instant messenger notification (also e-mail). Google page gadget.
  244. report is prompt and it doesnt clog my inbox. I also registered to another service like this but it spams my email!
  245. Simple to set up, and it gets the job done quite well. I love the PDF email updates!
  246. Having multiple reports/graphs on one page.
  247. Simple Design Easy to use layout Tabbed Pages – Cool
  248. I Dont Know
  249. -3 test locations -Email alert
  250. API and emails are great. Simple and effective.
  251. I like when it sends email, ar IM’s me when there’s a problem.
  252. i like the emails noting that the server is down.
  253. it’s free, it has a lot posibilities
  254. + free service for private people + the weekly email with the pdf is great!!
  255. it’s free
  256. Simplicity Free
  257. Alert Messages Graphs about response time
  258. instant alert via MSN it is free
  259. The weekly report of site up-time.
  260. e-mail warnings of problems (and return-to-service) Graphs of availability/timings Free! (I am on a very low income so this is all-important to me, sadly)
  262. I had got all the info what i want to know about our website. This is the main thing i like in this web.
  263. Interactivity, free service, web 2.0 style, The ability to switch statistics between different servers, Graphs
  264. alerts via RSS. monthly uptime data. I never visit the website, just get the rss feed. I was surprised at how many services you offer.
  265. Interaction with gmail Free service
  266. free has all features I need (ping, sms and email notification) google desktop plugin
  267. Simple
  268. can use various monitoring features for freely
  269. Site monitoring including reports and alerts
  270. Multiple sites, easy interface, excellent thing to provide to us small mostly non-profit folks. I used this to evaluate a new service provider for web hosting, comparing it to my current host provider.
  271. It’s free It has no limit to the number of domains I can monitor The user interface is easily customisable to my own needs and wants
  272. Have just begun using the service, a bit too early to form useful opinions.
  273. That its easy to setup with lots of features and that you can do the lay out as you like – That its free helps as well.
  274. webiste, smtp
  275. Great service. But Turkish language support may be excellent. (I can help you for this subject)
  276. Neat user interface for configuring the servers. Alerts
  277. The emailed problem reports.

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