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How to optimize your website for Semantic Search – Part 2

The introduction in Part 1 of this article was necessary for your understanding of this topic, and will have helped you realize the importance of semantic search in the grand scheme of things. Now, the question is, how to optimize your existing website for being ahead of the game in today’s semantic search era.

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How to optimize your website for Semantic Search – Part 1

“Semantic search” is perhaps the one of biggest buzzwords in technology right now. It is defined as the technology that understands the user’s intent and delivers search results on a contextual basis. A good example of a modern semantic search engine is Google’s Knowledge Graph.   Prior to this, results were solely based on text… Read the full post


5 Bottlenecks That Slow Down Your Website Performance

  In today’s world of mobile devices, the pace of life continually increases, and with it, the patience of those who visit your website keeps growing thinner. Meanwhile, you have so many new features to offer, and you must keep pace with your competitors lest your site appear outdated or cheap. You want to wow… Read the full post

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5 Things to Keep in mind when optimizing website performance

Website performance optimization is the process of increasing the speed at which web pages are downloaded and displayed on a user’s web browser. As you will read on, you will see that website performance is of paramount importance in the Internet industry today.

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The key differences between MySQL and NoSQL DBs.

Not long ago, data was stored in physical files that were archived into racks of folders filling up entire rooms in the offices of large corporations. Then came computers, and the go to technique for storage changed to flat file databases. But times have changed again now,


Top 10 ways to optimize CSS for faster websites

Have you ever paid heed to desires to optimize your CSS code? Or do you belong to a category of front-end developers who ship websites without caring about optimal performance? Well, if you are the latter, then this article is for you. Today, we are going to show you The Top 10 ways to optimize CSS… Read the full post


Cross-Browser Compatibility Tips (part 2)

In Part 1 of the Coding for different browsers series, we looked at the various techniques you could incorporate in your workflow to make your site cross browser compatible. Today, we go a step further and discuss the latest technologies you can use to help you improve the user experience of your site. We are going to… Read the full post

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4 Simple Tips to Increase Your WordPress Loading Time

Looks like you are looking for a post, which can help you in amplifying the momentum of your WP site. If it is so then you have landed up on a right post. In this post, we will talk about the addition of appropriate plug-ins, implementation of right tricks to reduce the loading speed of… Read the full post