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454 Things Customers Like in

The most important information we gain from the recent customer survey is what they like, don’t like and miss in the current service. We will have another special post regarding don’t likes and missing features, but as a quick comment would like to mention that most of the “missing features” as customer thought indeed exists in or at least in its sister premium service Paid Monitor.  We will go one by one per each of these features and will either point where is that feature or if we are planning to implement in the real future.

Here we are pleased to share a list of what our customer likes in our service.  It as suggested for an open-ended response and we don’t hide/edit any response:

  1. Ease of use.
  2. The email updates.  It’s simple, clean and it works!
  3. Excellent
  4. free
  5. ease of use and configuration
  6. works with my phone (email)
  7. Your service are FREE. I like your diagram visualization and exhaustive information.
  8. Short, concise, fiable
  9. Monitor CPU  Monitor devices by SNMP
  10. Easy Access and the Alerts.
  11. On-line notification of loss of availability
  12. free
  13. reliability and reporting
  14. Availability of free monitoring
  15. The weekly report with the percentage availability
  16. Free service with the quality of a paid one
  17. I like the fact that the service is free, which giuves me the ability to test it out.
  18. quick overview about availability of our web site
  19. Real time alerts
  20. reports
  21. easy to use
  22. Easy to setup and use.
  23. Monitoring of my site
  24. I only use the free service at this time because we are a startuo with no revenues. Once we are earning I do plan to buy your services. I would like to see you succeed. At this time We require minimal reporting and so far what I have seen of your service it appears to be accurate. If there is a very specific area of your site you need feeb back on, I would be happy to report my findings. I use your services mainly to monitor up time. The interface appear clean and to the point. I like a clean easy to navigate page/site. This is very important for busy visitors.
  25. I use only free service, and from this point of view your service is very good.
  26. Easy to use, good weekly reports.
  27. That it’s free
  28. free
  29. free
  30. the reports
  31. outage notifications and graphing of response times
  32. Easy to set up and then it just runs without my involvement.  Also like being able to have “benchmark” sites to compare levels of service.
  33. All
  34. Free service, ease of use
  35. Simple and Free
  36. The instant mail notification whenever problems occur.
  37. The simplicity of working with it
  38. (sorry for my english…) I’de like periodic view of country maps and top of countries (week, month, year…)
  39. the service
  40. That I can know if my website is available from different locations.
  41. dhtml interface
  42. It is clear and simple and that is just what i need.
  43. The email notifications
  44. speed of alerts
  45. consistent monitoring
  46. Weekly report emailed to me.
  47. Accuracy and Promptness
  48. The various services to monitor
  49. Weekly reports
  50. accuracy of detecting downtime…every time
  51. The clear weekly mail with the uptime
  52. ajaxian flexibility of the display
  53. Simple, quick info.  Alerts. Free to get started.
  54. netvibes widget
  55. notification email services
  56. all things
  57. Ease of checking and automated emails when site down
  58. Free, regular reports.
  59. Email notifications. Nice statistics.
  61. It is a free, and very high quality service.
  62. connection speed diffrent between EU to USA
  63. All
  64. Ease of use
  65. nothing special
  66. Free. That you send an weekly status mail.
  67. The ability to see the uptime at my websites.
  68. Does the job it sets out to do
  69. Problem Alerting
  70. configurable tests
  71. Price & interface
  72. Relatively hands off once set up
  73. free & quality
  74. The speed at which notification arrives and that the information in the email is short and direct
  75. Free website monitoring from multiple locations.
  76. Alertness
  77. weekly email update
  78. email notificaations
  79. the weekly email with report about site uptime and percentage
  80. It’s free
  81. free, easy to use
  82. UI and reports makin service
  83. Easy to use.
  84. free!
  85. speed
  86. email reports are very nice
  87. -the reporting emails   -your free services
  88. Yahoo IM feature
  89. Ability to query custom ports.
  90. That it’s free.
  91. Free. To-the-point. Clean UI.
  92. Hasving the peace of mind that you are monitoring our site.
  93. The price and the weekly reports.
  94. Weekly summaries.
  95. That it’s FREE, reliable, and the email alerts.
  96. rapid response (and free)
  97. It is simple and best of all, priced right – free.  My site is not a business site, but rather a public service and there is no income.  So pricing is impi\ortant to me
  98. Clean reports.
  99. PDF summaries sent weekly to e-mail.
  100. Ease of monitoring multiple sites
  101. It lets me know when my web sites and blogs are offline.
  102. It’s free!!
  103. efficiency
  104. email notification when server goes down
  105. It’s free and it works just fine
  106. That it checks the site often and emails come in very quickly when the site is down.
  107. The new reports are easy to read. Gets me the stats quick
  108. Simple and Reliable
  109. It works
  110. free
  111. ease of use
  112. it just works and makes what promised
  113. Simplicity
  114. Keeps me aware of connectivity issues. Free.
  115. it’s free and it’s good enough to suit my needs
  116. the monitoring service
  117. sms in colombia free
  118. Easy.
  119. It’s free, and the Google Desktop gadget
  120. email alerts of problems and recovery
  121. free
  122. SMS Alerts
  123. Very easy to use it.  Very good and accurate results.  The futures which provided
  124. the cost,technology
  125. Clarity of data representation.
  126. Reports sent weekely
  127. Free, provides what I need simply
  128. Newsletter Statistics
  129. Price, features
  130. its free, but good
  131. The speed of detection of a website problem
  132. free. monthly reports.
  133. instant email notifications
  134. Uptime statistics and notifications.
  135. Simple, easy to use, free
  136. Easy to use, no need to configure anything locally
  137. free or charge, easy to configure
  138. The Tracking Service.  With this instant messengers.
  139. Velocity Report
  140. Fast reponses when sites go down, and come back up.
  141. Free and simple to use.
  142. The cost!
  143. Timely reporting
  144. Simple and free.
  145. Web interface
  146. The availability, the netvibes module, and the fact that you have monitors from 3 different locations!
  147. Free
  148. downtime alerts
  149. reliability + reporting
  150. Having information on availability of my sites
  151. Easy to set up, getting more reliable.
  152. Easy to set up
  153. it just works for me
  154. It’s free, good interface, good options
  155. easy to use
  156. quality of service
  157. The information!
  158. free
  159. PDF reports
  160. It’s free and I can monitor more than one server in a single page display
  161. Weekly statistics.
  162. The information in my email
  163. your alerts
  164. weekly repot
  165. relaibel
  166. It’s free and easy and you got a nice interface.
  167. Accuracy, cost
  168. That it is free and provides a simple interface.
  169. It’s free
  170. that what its made for
  171. Email when website is down
  172. The Team
  173. E-mail alerts. I’d prefer them to work more accurately. I’d like to have a special report by e-mail with more information about the inactivity periods of the web. For example, more frequent response test since the moment inactivity is detected until the webs comes back to live. I’d like to know exactly how many minutes has the service been down.
  174. It’s reliable  It’s free  The user interface
  175. Prompt notification.
  176. It’s free!! :-)
  177. free
  178. It is free.
  179. The fact that it’s been working for so long with me that I dont even remember what your site looks like :)
  180. dashboard and graphs
  181. Free and easy to use.
  182. It works
  183. updates
  184. Free & can group Pings tests
  185. free, easy
  186. That you have more than one server (US, Austria, …)
  187. easy to use
  188. Flexibility
  189. Precision
  190. Reliability
  191. email
  192. That its free
  193. it’s precise
  194. detailed report
  195. Weekly reports, email reports
  196. It’s free, email reports
  197. the one page graphs
  198. Clear, easy to read, good descriptions for what the info means.
  199. free, reliably catches outages more expensive monitoring services catch
  200. Free, easy to set up
  201. easy and fun to use. reliable (no use in monitoring unreliable systems with an unreliable monitoring ;-))
  202. it’s free
  203. automatic alearts
  204. yes very good
  205. It’s free and accurate
  206. it runs
  207. Free notifications when websites go down.
  208. Simple to use
  209. free service
  210. nice graphs
  211. hebdo reports are fine :o)
  212. External monitoring
  213. weekly report
  214. Email notifications
  215. La seriedad y puntualidad con la que nos tienen informados
  216. Simple setup, free
  217. Simple to use
  218. it’s free, correct
  219. it’s easy and simple, doesn’t require maintenance
  220. The regularly generated email reports and the critical emails that notify me when you see my sites as down.
  221. free and it works.
  222. Overall Easyness
  223. automated reports
  224. Live benchmarks and spreadsheets
  225. e-mail reports, server critical situation alerts
  226. That it is free!
  227. GUI
  228. The new at-a-glance emails
  229. weekly updates
  230. Summary emails
  231. email alerts
  232. Uptime monitoring and the weekly report.
  233. being free
  234. email alerts, weekly summary
  235. E-mail reports
  236. Ease of use
  237. Ability to run monitoring on TCP and UDP ports
  238. Piece of mind of constant monitoring and alerts
  239. multiple access graphs, one page view  ability to post on website
  240. It works. Very good to get an alert when sometinhgs wrong with the server.
  241. Notifications
  242. the reliabillity
  243. Extend free monitor my server if is alive
  244. free
  245. free, works
  246. weekly e-mail reports
  247. Email notifications
  248. Weekly reports are good
  249. It is free and accurate.
  250. timely updates from monitor and quality of monitring
  251. It is free
  252. free of charge,  email alerts  customizable
  253. The email alerts.
  254. monitoring remote online
  255. dashboard, many services and servers can be monitored
  256. the speed
  257. array of features
  258. The web layout where I arrange all the Graphics for each connection
  259. The graphcs and reports are great as well as the email alerts.
  260. control a site from third party
  261. The overall layout.
  262. Free, reliable.
  263. lets me know when there is a problem
  264. Jabber notification (though it goes online/offline very frequently); EU-hosted servers; zero cost (I don’t mind the adverts in the emails).
  265. E-mail notifications
  266. Most priceless feature from your servise for me is an instant email messaging in case of broken connection with my servers.
  267. Weekly updates and statistics display
  268. Benchmark with other sites
  269. it’s free and it works
  270. Free and reliable
  271. on time and acurate
  272. price :-)
  273. e-mail service
  274. AJAX  Notifications  Reports
  275. instant reporting of site failures
  276. e-mail notifications
  277. Reasonable performance on Ping tests
  278. email notification when my site goes down, and weekly reports
  279. The periodic reports
  280. weekly email summary email
  281. It works
  282. Unlimited monitoring.
  283. free
  284. free, nice ui
  285. The ability to configure for multiple services.
  286. free
  287. Knowing how well our Internet Provider is doing on the Internernet
  288. it just works
  289. Good Service
  290. It is free.
  291. nice interface with easy setup.
  292. email allert
  293. Free, works, and mail alerts.
  294. Monitoring
  295. alerts & reports
  296. Minimum information but clearly and accuracy !
  297. It’s free. Weekly reports. 3 monitoring locations.
  298. No adds in email
  299. Email notification when site is down
  300. its a good interface, and open source
  301. The monitoring
  302. futuristic gui (ajax)  everything is configurable (a lot of protocols / port)
  303. The reports
  304. price
  305. a real time and very fine stats
  306. Easy to setup and easy to monitor whats needed.
  307. Ability to monitor multiple domains
  308. Range of features – email notification, widget availability for google etc.
  309. graphics
  310. Easy to use and free!
  311. free
  312. Weekly reports emailed to me.
  313. It seems silly, but I love your use of color to make the reports quickly understandable.
  314. Exactness
  315. Up time and down time report
  316. It let’s me know instantly when my site is down.
  317. seriousity
  318. weekly report
  319. Accurate record of up/down of tested items
  320. Good emails – nice and clear
  321. The weekly report.
  322. That it just seems to work.
  323. it’s free
  324. The monitoring while i’m asleep
  325. That it is a free service and it offers alerts for when my site is down
  326. free, easy to use, no installation
  327. Free.  Works consistantly.
  328. Mail alarms on problem detected and recovery  Weekly reports
  329. It’s free and there are lots of options.
  330. More prompt alerts, msn notifications
  331. Unlimited number of tests, graphical presentation, SMS alert option, and the range of tests available including DNS.
  332. I love it…you guys are great!
  333. Weekly Report
  334. external monitoring for our external connection
  335. Innovative look and options, being free.
  336. Simple percentage indication of availability.
  337. The mail notivications
  338. Simple e-mails
  339. more server
  340. Piece of mind really, or should that be peace of mind.
  341. it is very flexible and free
  342. Multiple locations. Notification of service returned.
  343. netvibes widget
  344. The pings from different countries.
  345. Reliability
  346. email alerts
  347. Free and good reports
  348. good interface
  349. set and forget
  350. Free updates to SMS
  351. Independence from leaders such as Google, Yahoo.
  352. Messenger Notification.
  353. That it’s free!
  354. The weekly *.PDF
  355. differents points of monitoring
  356. very low learning curve to start using the service
  357. Frequent web site polls in 3 geo-locations!
  358. It’s free and is visually appealing.
  359. Reliability
  360. Range of features, interesting interface.
  361. The weekly reports
  362. RSS feed of status changes
  363. free
  364. ease of use
  365. The free service is very adequate. We get updates automatically to the email address. Maybe I don’t know of other advantages or services so I could comment on them.
  366. The price and the reports
  367. Free
  368. that it’s free AND very useful
  369. free
  370. Nice layout, good stats, effective monitoring.
  371. free and it works!
  372. Email notices
  373. Ajax, weekly email
  374. e-mail alerts, dashboard
  375. In order: multiple monitoring locations, ability to monitor multiple urls, multiple views (graph, table, chart), weekly report, desktop-like application.
  376. Free frequent checks
  377. It’s free, easy to set up GUI!
  378. It’s free.
  379. free  good idea  good service (reports, web interface, monitoring)
  380. IM notifications
  381. The interface, usability, and the email alerts.
  382. clean and simple to set up
  383. Instant notification
  384. the overview report
  385. a free service with an excellent quallity
  386. Free and does the job
  387. Quick response when my server is down.
  388. notofications and comaprisions
  389. i do like mail reports so i dont have the use your website
  390. viability. when I receive a notification I am sure there is a problem.
  391. the immediate response when site is offline
  392. at this momment nothing… the page doesn’t load…
  393. free!
  394. its free!  provides a good amount of information
  395. everything
  396. It’s free, and an easy way to get weekly reports of our uptime
  397. It’s free, it works mostly
  398. Low cost  Web interface
  399. simplicity
  400. Reliable
  401. mail alerts and google module
  402. It’s free
  403. Reports and posibility to test from sites in diferent countries
  404. it’s free
  405. one time config – all time working
  406. on-time host downtime notifications
  407. great usability  wonderful interface
  408. easy config of each user interface
  409. that there is a free level of service
  410. Free and simple
  411. simple alert emails for site down/up
  412. Free, email alerts
  413. -Alert for server problem  -Weekly report wtih google comparison
  414. cost :-)
  415. Helps me to prove uptime
  416. The reporting services
  417. Instant allerts that otherwise would escape from attention and make the site unavailable. Providers do not always (sic) inform their customers about problems they occur.
  418. free
  419. accuracy.  specifically, no false positives
  420. It’s free and it does its job.
  421. E-mail alerts and weekly reports
  422. Variety of tests available.
  423. Free and a working one. Nice touch are the IM messages
  424. the price :)
  425. Fast emails, good explanation
  426. price
  427. email report
  428. that its free
  429. The google aplet that I use works well.  The service seems to work well.
  430. It’s free
  431. Online monitoring
  432. It’s free, it’s simple
  433. weekly mails
  434. The SMS-warnings I get when one of my servers is down.
  435. flexibility, ease of use, COST
  436. free, comprehensive, pdfs are good, live stats, ajax etc
  437. developers
  438. without costs
  439. flexibility and the fast response
  440. notifications
  441. Reliability
  442. Weekly reports
  443. good free monitoring system
  444. Easy to customize, sleek looking interface.
  445. Excellent uptime reports/overviews.
  446. the ease of setting up sites to monitor.
  447. Weekly updates.
  448. reactiveness
  449. It’s free *and* it works!
  450. free
  451. control panel, it’s free.
  452. It works really well, lots of function even tho it’s free, which is a good thing :D
  453. It’s Free and it works
  454. Simple, effective.
Hovhannes Avoyan

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Paid Monitor CEO – Hovhannes is an international entrepreneur with a recognized and respected reputation in the high tech industry. His technical expertise, combined with his drive to build the best business/product, has positioned him as a visionary international extension of Silicon Valley.

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