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Introducing Blueprint CSS Framework (Part 1)

  Live Demo | Source Code   If you are a web designer or a front-end engineer looking to craft gorgeous designs for users, in the least amount of time, then you’re lucky – enter Blueprint CSS. Blueprint CSS is one of the world’s most admired frameworks for front end design, giving you a foundation… Read the full post


Cross-Browser Compatibility Tips (Part 1)

This is Part 1 of the Coding for different browsers series where we will discuss the different methodologies and tools to make the user experience for your customers as seamless as possible. In Part 1, we are going to discuss the various techniques used to render your site as you expect on multiple browsers. In Part 2,… Read the full post


How to use Typekit fonts on your website?

With the arrival of CSS3, HTML5 and legitimate web font standards, we are quite privileged to have the ability to use gorgeous fonts on our web sites. This means, we don’t have to rely on the boring old Georgia, Arial or others to decorate our typography. Today, we will see how we can use a… Read the full post