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For 80% of IT decision makers business continuity is a priority for 2007

More than 80 percent of IT decision-makers at both large and medium-size businesses view business continuity and availability as an increased priority for 2007 and key to sharpening their competitive business edge worldwide, GCR Custom Research says.

The survey revealed that investments in disaster-tolerant solutions, backup and recovery efforts, security and improved IT service management offerings will also increase in 2007, with nine out of 10 decision-makers reporting higher planned spending. In addition, the ability to meet competitive pressures, maintain uptime,prepare for pandemic outbreaks and improve regulatory compliance ranked as significantly higher priorities in 2007 than in 2006.

In todays global marketplace, any amount of downtime can be devastating, if not terminal, to a business, said John Bennett, worldwide director, Business Continuity and Availability Solutions, HP. Research shows that IT decision makers see a dramatic return on investment as a result of building a sound, long-term, holistic business continuity plan, which will ultimately reduce the impact of internal or external threats.

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