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Using AppFog with PHP

AppFog is the new baby in cloud computing town. With this said, it has been doing very well for quite a while, with its sleek UI, simple deploying tools and a super fast cloud infrastructure. So what is AppFog, as you might be already wondering? In a nutshell, AppFog is the best PaaS (Platform as… Read the full post


Benefits of the Cloud. What can it do for your Business?

When we last left The Cloud, our strange visitor from another planet, we learned that he has always been there, behind the scenes.  But recently he has taken off his disguise and is really coming forward to the aid of people, businesses and corporations all over the world. But just what are The Cloud’s superpowers?


Why You Need to Learn Programming Today

Montis has written before about the world’s efforts to improve the speed and efficiency of the web, and this article by Olivia Leonardi speaks directly to the individuals capable of making these improvements a reality: computer scientists and coders. She argues for the importance of these professionals by showing that not only is the demand… Read the full post


Guide to Choosing Cloud Hosting (Part 2)

This week’s Start-Up league post is dedicated to choosing the best cloud hosting platform. We recently covered three cloud hosting providers in the first slideshow and now we are proceeding to the second part. This time we’ll take a look at VPS.Net and Cloudlayer.


Why NoSQL Might be the Best Option for Your Start-Up

NoSQL databases are quickly becoming the hottest buzzword technology, and for good reason. According to a survey done by couchbase, the developers behind couchDB, nearly half of the 1,300 respondents surveyed indicated that they had invested in NoSQL projects in the first half of the year.  Couchbase also claims that 70% of companies with more… Read the full post


Guide to Choosing Cloud Hosting: Part 1[Slideshow]

This issue of the Startup League series is dedicated to choosing the best cloud hosting for your business. We review 3 hosting providers to help you choose the best one for your startup. Why Cloud Hosting? Cloud hosting allows websites to scale their hosting infrastructure when traffic rises. This is more cost effective and practical… Read the full post


Scanning your business network

In our first article, Is Your Business’s Privacy at Risk?, we looked over the different not that technical methods for gathering information about a network you’re interested in. In this article, the second of the series, we will focus on the process of scanning computer networks to identify potential targets. As an ethical hacker you would… Read the full post


Ramp-up Your Business Hosting Needs with the Power of “PAAS”

Platform as a Service (PaaS) falls under the basic model of cloud computing services that includes Saas and IaaS, and the newest addition to the family – XaaS or “Anything as a Service” (a designation which shows the growing ubiquity of internet services). PaaS can be best thought of as a way to rent hardware,… Read the full post