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Monitor.Us Releases an All New Dashboard!

The IT monitoring arena is a very competitive and continually evolving one and we are always looking at ways to improve to meet and exceed clients needs and experiences. We listened to our customers comments and reviewed their wish lists and based on this we are proud to release an all new dashboard. The new… Read the full post

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The New Monitor.Us Dashboard – Coming Soon!

The holiday season is nearly upon us. It will be a time of celebration, feasting and giving gifts to those we care about most. At Monitor.Us it is not different. We have been scurrying about to get the gifts ready and we just can’t wait any longer. We are so excited with our present for… Read the full post


Using Google Analytics for Beginners – Part 2

  In part 1 of this series, we introduced you to Google Analytics where we talked about setting it up on your website and showed you the basic dashboard. In this article, we will take the ‘Using Google Analytics for Beginners’ series ahead by discussing the various reporting tools in detail. Without further ado, let’s… Read the full post

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Top 3 Online Web Design Tools

A review of prototyping tools for web and mobile app design Prototyping tools can aid in the development process by separating the user experience from the coding.  This allows designers to communicate how an application should look and function, uncover issues early on and develop graphical project assets prior to and during application development without… Read the full post


Shopping cart: free, hosted or premium?

Pros and cons of different types of e-commerce solutions When you decide to have an e-shop, one of the most important things you should consider is the platform you’ll use for it. Online shopping activities need to be managed correctly and efficiently, and after you choose an e-commerce solution, you most likely won’t change it… Read the full post


5 Tips for when you Don’t Need the VERY BEST

In the world of bootstrapping there is an expression, “Use ‘best-for-need’ rather than ‘best-of-breed’ products (or services).”  Originally, Best of Breed was the title given to a show dog that was judged to be the best representative of its breed.  Today it’s a common buzzword that describes a product that is claimed to be the… Read the full post

New Year’s Resolution for SMB – Better Work and Life Balance

Well the holidays are winding down, the “Ball” has dropped and it’s that time again. Time to reflect on the things that you achieved last year and to develop a plan for what you want to accomplish in 2013.  As entrepreneurs, we often make two sets of goals: one for our personal lives and one… Read the full post


DIY Apps for Small Business – Part 2

Introducing the “Go for Good Enough” Awards.  In Part 1 , we discussed factors you need to consider when you set out to create a custom app for your business, as well as how these affect  what method or tool you choose to get the job done.  Today we are going to help you find a… Read the full post