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6 Reasons Why Cloud Website Monitoring Rocks

Today’s web administrator or IT troubleshooter is often incredibly overworked. As pretty much every element of business function has moved from the physical to the virtual realms, the IT professionals job becomes more cumbersome and challenging. We all understand how vital it is to make sure that all infrastructure, from data stored on physical machines… Read the full post


Website Monitoring Equals Revenue Protection

It is summer time and thoughts naturally turn to dreams of your upcoming vacation. Going to the beach and laying on the sand after frolicking in the waves. Or maybe a trip to the mountains for some quiet and peaceful fishing. You have been working hard all year and deserve the rest, the break from… Read the full post

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Essential Website Performance Metrics: Part 2

Last week, we talked about the power of GFI Software’s free website monitoring tool, Monitor.Us. Today, in part 2, we will continue, going a step further and highlighting the tool’s network, database and cloud monitoring features.

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What metrics does Monitor.Us monitor and why should you care?

If you are an IT administrator, then this article is for you. In this part 1 of the Monitor.Us Metrics series, we are going to look at what Monitor.Us is, and why you should care. Monitor.Us is a free web based IT monitoring tool, owned by GFI Software. They also have a paid version known as Paid Monitor. GFI’s… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part XV

Whew! That was a long series. But we’re finally at the end. Let’s wrap up with the top ten things to consider when our thoughts turn to website performance. These are our top ten best practices.There are many performance tips out there, but performance may be affected more by how the development team thinks about… Read the full post


The Chronology of a Click, Part VII

This series details what happens behind the scenes in response to a user’s click on a link. We’ve already seen the request go down the client machine’s protocol stack, across the Internet, up the server machine’s protocol stack, and into the web server software. If a server-side script was requested, the web server software passed… Read the full post


5 Reasons to Monitor eCommerce Sites

There are many reasons why companies choose to monitor their sites, especially for eCommerce retailers. Online customers expect everything to be seamless, from searching for a product to checkout. If there is a snag in the process, the consequences can be difficult to rebound from, both for your brand and your bottom line. Here are… Read the full post


How often is your site closed for business?

According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, after 2 seconds site visitors start to get frustrated, and will consider abandoning a page.  Older studies are more generous, with visitors giving a site from 10 to 15 seconds to open before moving on. The bottom line, the longer it takes your website to open, the… Read the full post