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Happy Thanksgiving From Monitor.Us

We want to wish you all a very special and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. The year has been filled with hard work and the stresses of life, so kick back and take some time to relax and enjoy. Appreciate the life you have, the happiness and the fun and spend a day with family.  Watch the… Read the full post


New Jedi Wristband Can Control PCs and Fly Drones

According to a report from techhive.com, scientists have created a new “Jedi-like” wristband which looks like something straight out of a Star Was movie. The new wristband has the ability to control anything from a computer or video game to a military drone…all with just the flick of your wrist.


Funny Gmail Add-ons

Gmail is a terrific email service which stands well on its own. It comes with many great features and apps which make emailing simple and efficient, but can only be made better with the many add-ons that are available for the email program.


Famous Predictions That Have Not Happened in 2013

Man has always had a deep infatuation with the future, and longed to be able to predict it. Some claim to be able to do so by supernatural means. Others simply use a mixture of science and common sense to determine what they think the future will be like. Many derive their predictions from SciFi… Read the full post


Raspberry Pi’s 10 Best Hacks

Raspberry Pi, the much-sought-after, credit-card-sized, less-than-$30 tiny computer has challenged both kids and adults to write code and build everything from alarm clocks to computers. The latest estimates show over a million people have purchased this new phenomenon, and sales show no signs of slowing down. According to infoworld.com, the Pi is basically a Linux… Read the full post

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Five of the Weirdest Programming Languages

Let’s face it. Not all of us can be hardcore programmers who have mastered every programming language. As a matter of fact, it is very likely that very few people can actually boast of such an accomplishment. The reason behind this is quite simple; there are so many strange and mostly unknown programming languages out… Read the full post


The First Live Stream is 20 Years Old

Yes, you read that right. It may be hard to believe, but it has been 20 years since the first live stream made waves across the internet. In 1993, Xerox PARC was hosting a small show in Palo Alto when engineers who were in another room decided to test their new technology to broadcast on… Read the full post


Private Business Apps – Boost Productivity without Breaking the Bank!

In a recent article we discussed the benefits of having a mobile marketing strategy that includes a custom app for clients and customers.  When it comes to developing external apps that are geared towards consumers, the expense is justified by the ROI that comes from increased brand loyalty, stronger client relationships and of course, direct… Read the full post