Online education portals like Udacity and Coursera are really changing the world of remote learning in significant ways. By making free and high quality education accessible to a global audience, these platforms are opening up undreamt of possibilities for communities around the world to improve, grow, and prosper in the digital economy of the 21st century. Education at top tier colleges and universities has traditionally been a social and economic privilege, but now anyone can join in the learning revolution by sitting in virtual classrooms with the world’s best and brightest educators. Whether this involves learning how to code and build smart phone apps, or starting up a new business, or learning about public health literacy, the sky is the limit of what’s now possible.

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Hovhannes Avoyan

About Hovhannes Avoyan

Paid Monitor CEO – Hovhannes is an international entrepreneur with a recognized and respected reputation in the high tech industry. His technical expertise, combined with his drive to build the best business/product, has positioned him as a visionary international extension of Silicon Valley.

What Powers $1B Instagram?

The popular photo-sharing application, Instagram, came on the scene just two years ago and has managed to create quite a stir in the social network photo-sharing world. So popular was this Android app becoming, that it apparently ruffled more than the feathers of the social network photo-sharing giant Facebook. Facebook has gone as far as… Read the full post


Business Benefits of Synthetic End-user Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring of end-users transactions and actions on a website is the latest in development tools used by many web or online businesses. In the past businesses relied on customer or end-user experience monitoring to test out their website performance and new features that they introduced. Today many businesses are able to apply synthetic end-user… Read the full post

Monitor.Us Expands its Mobile Offering to iOS devices

In addition to our app for Android, Monitor.Us today launched the Monitor.Us Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As with the app for Android, the Monitor.Us Mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch connects you to your Monitor.Us account and lets you: – view the current status of your entire application universe, –… Read the full post


Paid Monitor Sponsors FLOSS UK

Don’t miss Paid Monitor/MonitorUs at FLOSS UK’s annual Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) conference in Edinburgh, Scotland, March 20-22. Specifically, catch a special presentation by Paid Monitor on NoSQL databases. We’re going to present a paper on the subject that promises to be very informative. One of the things you’ll learn is how developers and operations people… Read the full post

New! Cloud-based MySQL Database Monitoring from Paid Monitor

New feature provides significantly faster insight and root cause analysis SAN JOSE, Calif., February, 15, 2012 – Paid Monitor, the leading cloud and web application monitoring software provider, today announces that it has added comprehensive MySQL database monitoring to its award-winning Application Performance Management & Monitoring platform. The robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tool enables users to gain… Read the full post

Linux: Secure as a brick

People who are familiar with me know that there are two things I’m not forgiving about. The first is backups, the second is security. If backups interest you, perhaps we can discuss it some other time. This time we’re going to discuss security. I’m going to outline in the following article some of the best… Read the full post

101 Tips to MySQL Tuning and Optimization

MySQL is a powerful open-source database.  With more and more database driven applications, people have been pushing MySQL to its limits.  Here are 101 tips for tuning and optimizing your MySQL install.  Some tips are specific to the environment they are installed on, but the concepts are universal.   I have divided them up into several… Read the full post

MySQL Database Monitoring Best Practices

The MySQL database is a crucial part of a wide variety of products, particularly web applications. Naturally, it is very important to monitor the health status of MySQL.  However, there is constant disagreement on which of the many MySQL status variables provide the best overview on MySQL health status and indicate that something is not… Read the full post