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Publish Performance Metrics in your blog, website and share it with your network

Tuesday, May 15 is a launch day for public widget. Using the public widget, users can now embed selected monitoring metrics into their private web pages. It will enrich the page impression providing a small piece of dynamic content on user’s web site, blog, or social network page. This feature was requested by several of our users.

Easy-to-use Wizard helps to generate a few lines of HTML code, which users need to copy/paste into their pages. The monitoring metrics will be available for every webpage visitor. The Wizard provides several customization options: at first step it allows to select the URLs, then aggregated metrics to display (e.g. yesterdays uptime or last weekly performance), and finally it allows look and feel customizations (size, fonts and colors) with quick preview option. The process is quite similar to Google Adsense generation.

There are several possible usage scenarios: demonstrate and promote your sites access speed and availability by comparing with competitors, publish a comparative industry or ISP research, prove or control SLA (service level agreement), provide service for clients (e.g. web development companies).  Users may also embed the generated widget into a password protected or Intranet page and make it available only to their employees, partners or customers.
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