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Everything about Web and Network Monitoring

Diagnose and prevent IT problems with Smart Agent: Step 3

Continuing our series of articles about Paid Monitor 5 step process – Paid Monitor’ 5 easy steps for delivering the ultimate web user experience. Step 1: Response & Availability and Business leader best practices. Step 2/5: visits tracking – in this article we would like to talk about systems resources monitoring using Smart Agent, the feature available both in premium Paid Monitor and free services.

Smart Agent closes the loop and provides complete solution

Smart Agent gives IT and business managers a reliable way to quickly and easily perform root cause analysis ad distinguish external network errors from internal capacity and infrastructure issues. Together with external scanners and Web tracking features, the agent closes the loop and provides complete solutions for entire IT monitoring from inside and outside. Such comprehensive service delivers the functionality needed for centralized and effective IT infrastructure management. Most organizations can not afford professional IT monitoring tools because of their high cost and complexity. Small companies alternatively use open source products like Nagios but they still require dedicated professional personnel and servers. Paid Monitor has changed the situation by offering a complete, easy-to-use alternative. No need for complicated setups, for dedicated personnel and dedicated servers. No uptime cost.

Comprehensive, effective and easy Monitoring service

These specific benefits of our approach:

  • Easy to install, configure and use. No upfront license cost, no learning curve, will be up and running in minutes. Even non-technical people can setup and gain instant benefits.
  • Complete solutions to monitor everything - servers, network devices, operating systems, applications from inside of firewall and outside.
  • Access from everywhere. Because it is a hosted web solution, management dashboards and reports are available from everywhere. You can have access to your personal dashboard from home, hotel, and Starbucks.

Using the traditional software approach users would need to learn the product, allocate at least 2 servers – one for internal monitoring and one for external monitoring, install the software, install all additional plugins, configure them, aggregate data in consolidated reports, make the views available from outside by configuring firewalls and maintain the system. The same outcome by using our SaaS (software as a service) approach will be provided within minutes .

Smart Agent Features

Paid Monitor Smart Agent feature provides the metrics for internal IT infrastructure health checking :

  • Monitors servers’ CPU, memory, disk space and processes resource utilization 24×7.
  • Archives and makes resource utilization data available for further analysis
  • Proactively triggers alerts if any resource status is critical, even before it causes the system outage.
  • Allows to perform similar test like external monitors but within the firewall
  • Allows adding private monitoring locations.

Paid Monitor Smart Agent can also use for pre-production application testing, for measuring application performance in a pre-deployment stage to minimize the business risk of deploying poor quality web application to end users.

How (easy) to use Smart Agent

As mentioned the agent can be installed and configured within minutes. Please check our post How to Download and Use Smart Agent for Internal Monitoring. You can have as many agents as needed. Currently Windows agent is available, Linux agent is under beta testing and will be available within 2 weeks from the time of publishing this article. You can also watch a video demonstrating the agent setup and usage:

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