Online education portals like Udacity and Coursera are really changing the world of remote learning in significant ways. By making free and high quality education accessible to a global audience, these platforms are opening up undreamt of possibilities for communities around the world to improve, grow, and prosper in the digital economy of the 21st century. Education at top tier colleges and universities has traditionally been a social and economic privilege, but now anyone can join in the learning revolution by sitting in virtual classrooms with the world’s best and brightest educators. Whether this involves learning how to code and build smart phone apps, or starting up a new business, or learning about public health literacy, the sky is the limit of what’s now possible.

Everything about Web and Network Monitoring – Free Network and Website Monitoring Service to Detect Downtime and Slow Response

New post – Free Network and Website Monitoring Service to Detect Downtime and Slow Response:

“… has an excellent user interface and charting. The Chart view is an Ajax component which draws the chart right within the client’s browser, and due to it the filtering/re-drawing and view change processes are fast…

I’ve been looking for a free service like this for a while now. Most hosting companies provide network monitoring to check that web server is up, but they would not check if your application is really functioning…”

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