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What Expect in May, June: Public widgets, performance indices, analytics and more

We would like to inform our community about a bunch of new features they can expect within next weeks.

For, our free monitoring and performance research tool, the near-term plan besides bug-fixing and incremental improvements includes:

  • Customizable embeddable public widgets to publish user monitoring metrics in any web page. We will provide a wizard for generating HTML code snippets, which user may include for example in his/her home page. In contrast to current Google, Mac, Netvibes, Yahoo snapshot widgets, it has more customization options (e.g. selection of sites to be included, different monitoring metrics) and it won’t require sing-up. Many of our users were requesting that feature during our recent survey.
  • Using our new Custom Performance Index feature our users may build their own performance index pages and publish them. The index will rank a selected group of websites by their weekly availability and response speed, thus will allow to perform a comparative research for a particular industry segment or category, regardless of size.
  • We are going to publish more analytic reports similar to the one we posted recently (Linux versus Windows: OS impact on uptime and ), particularly a comparative study of hosting providers will be available soon. We are collecting large performance and availability data which analysis will be valuable for our community.

These features are inline with strategy to empower the collective wisdom with appropriate tools.

Paid Monitoring, our premium professional monitoring service will be releasing the following features in May/June time frame:

  • Linux agent. Similarly to already released Windows agent, Linux agent will perform CPU, memory and hard disk monitoring for Linux servers, as well as customer monitoring.
  • More plans. We are going to add low prices economy package in range of $1/months for individuals with a limited monitoring needs as well as more advanced plans for enterprises.
  • We are also will be releasing transactions monitoring service for checking entire application flow.

For both and Paid Monitor more web traffic views will also be available, providing detailed statistics about website visitors and traffic.

The overall 2007 roadmap is impressive; the mentioned features are almost ready and will be released in very near future. You can also influence our roadmap via our surveys, forums and sending us your feedback via email or directly from web.

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Hovhannes Avoyan

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