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11 Things You Might Not Have Known About The Internet

4.-largeWe all realize that the internet is a huge powerful tool of amazing technology that advances basically minute by minute. If the internet were to crash on a global basis the impacts would be huge and have a massive impact on the global economy. Image a days without the internet providing us services like; online shopping, ATM’s, online banking, online financial investments and tracking of the global markets, massive telecommunications failures (at a minimum the loss of VOIP), no GPS, no Facebook (OMG!!!), no Google or youtube or twitter. The list could go on and on but the reality of this is frightening. Yet as frightening as that nightmare might be, let’s take a look on the lighter side of what the internet really does for us.

Below is a list of a few interesting facts you may not have known about the internet and the high technology network we all love, cherish and nurture along day after day.


1. Everyday the internet delivers 182,900,000,000 emails. Of these, 137,000,000,000 are spam.


2.  The first webcam was a monumental event, it was focused on a coffee pot so the tech guys knew if there was fresh coffee or not. You have to respect the imagination and creativity that went into this high technology application – come on guys, a coffee pot?!?!


3. Approximately 50% of all downloads/uploads are for file sharing that is often clearly illegal, but oh so tempting.


4. The first message transmitted over the fledgling internet was “log”. It was actually supposed to be “login” but that nasty little G overloaded the network and it crashed.


5. Over 200 million people send over 400 million “tweets” everyday. Who would have ever thought that a grown man would admit to “tweeting”?


6. To copy the internet onto disc would require over 1,000,000,000 DVD’s.


7. The average high school student spends 6 times more time on the internet than he does doing homework.


8. The old folks are catching up, the number of senior citizens using the internet has more than quadrupled in the past 10 years.


9. Sorry to disappoint you, but regardless of what Al Gore says, he did not invent the internet. The credit of being the father of the internet actually goes to J.C.R. Licklider. Now that is a name I am sure you will remember.


10. Men use the internet 33% more than women. Hmm, wonder what they are doing?


11. In answer to item number 10,  the latest numbers and research indicate that up to 30% of the global internet traffic is for “adult material”.  I guess men will be men.


A few “honorable mention” numbers to leave you with before I sign off; 62% of the people using the internet stated they could not function without it every single day, the average person logs in for the first time before 9 a.m., 17% of men delete their browser history every day (see item 11 above to understand why), the average user checks email and/or Facebook every 90 minutes (no, I am not addicted).


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