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Ralph Eck

About Ralph Eck

Ralph is an international businessman with a wealth of experience in developing; telecommunications, data transmission, CATV and internet companies. His experience and expertise positions him uniquely in being able to; analyze, evaluate and critique technology and how it fits into a business’ operational needs while supporting its’ success.

Monitor.Us Feature Improvements in 2014

Monitor.Us has always prided itself on being the best free dynamic all-in-one cloud based IT monitoring tool. With our platform you get; website monitoring, network monitoring, full page load monitoring, server monitoring, mobile monitoring and an open API so that you can easily customize our monitoring tools so that they match your specific needs. We… Read the full post


56 Million Customer Cards Exposed in Home Depot Breach

Home Depot has announced that 56 million of its customers cards may have been compromised during the 6 months that their POS terminals had been breached. This makes the Home Depot attack larger than last years credit card credentials theft at Target (40 million cards compromised)during the holiday shopping season. Estimates of the financial damage… Read the full post


Microsoft Buys Minecraft – 6 Important Reasons Why

When a company has nearly 90 billion dollars in the bank it is very tempting to go on a shopping spree. We have seen this over and over and sadly quite often the companies they buy don’t make sense and don’t every return the investment the way it was expected. Now that Microsoft has bought… Read the full post

hacked again

Hacked Again – Retailers Need to Improve POS Security

Retailers around the globe have known for quite some time that the level of payment system security they have is grossly insufficient, yet they have been slow to act. It is this lethargic behavior that has lead to hack after hack and 10’s of millions of clients credit card credentials exposed, stolen and abused. The… Read the full post

hacked again 1

Security Breach – Home Depot, Healthcare.gov and Gmail!

On Monday of this week Home Depot did indeed confirm that its payment systems had been breached and was struggling to define the total magnitude of the breach. The perpetrators of this crime apparently used the same method as was used against Target. In the Target case the breach was discovered after just three weeks… Read the full post

iPhone 6 plus

Apple Announces iPhone 6 and Apple watch

The much expected and ballyhooed announcement by Apple about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today, plus the Apple Watch has taken place, via a live streaming fiasco, but more about that later. As is always the case in the ongoing “latest and greatest” phone wars, these two new phones are … well… Read the full post


Home Depot Investigating Possible Massive Hack

Home Depot may be the latest company to fall prey to hackers in a potentially massive theft of customers credit card and debit data (the theft is believed to have begun back in May of this year). If the ongoing investigation proves out to be true, then Home Depot joins the ranks of other retailers,… Read the full post

fast internet

Internet – The Need For Speed

The “need for speed” has been with mankind for the millennium. Whether it be running, horses, cars, boats or planes or almost any other thing, we always want it faster. The same has been true of the internet. In the early days back in 1993 the best anyone could get for an internet connection was… Read the full post