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The Internet – Past, Present and Future

The year was 1969 and magical and unimaginable things were taking place. As we look back in time to that year we can now see precisely how amazing it was. Who ever thought; the Mets would win the World Series, the NY Jets win the Super Bowl, Woodstock attracts half a million people, Walmart comes into existence, the 747 has its’ first flight, Sesame Street debuts on TV, the first ATM is installed in the US …. oh, and one more small thing …… the internet was born!


It was called ARPANET back then and was actually commissioned by the US Department of Defense to do research in networking. The first network consisted of just 4 locations; Stanford, UCLA, UCSB, and U. of Utah. During the first test at transferring characters between sites (UCLA to Stanford) the first 2 keystrokes arrived but when the third keystroke was made it crashed the entire system (hmmm… a bug in the system I guess). But from the small beginning will come one of the most impactive inventions of all time. Can we possibly even imagine a world without internet? The technological advances this has driven are mind boggling. The economic impacts are astronomical and the educational community (as well as every other community) now functions and thrives in ways never imagined.


Take a moment and look at the infographic below and you will see some truly impressive numbers. Look at where it started at speed wise, users and cost and then take your best guess at where it will be in the future. Only the limits of mans imagination will limit where this will all move to next.



A world without internet would be too frightening to even think about. The only real questions are; where will this develop to next, how big and fast will it become, what new businesses and applications will come? Only time will tell.

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