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The Power of the Internet in Real Numbers

3.largeThe impact and power of the internet on our world is almost immeasurable. Before the advent home computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the  internet, a mere 20 something years ago, the world and our lives were a drastically different place. The volume and speed of what we do now as compared to then would make the near past almost seem like the dark ages. In the good ole days if you needed an answer to a question you went to the library and did research, time required was measured in hours. Today you use your smart phone and Google it, time required measured in seconds. While most people can remember the days prior to internet and computers, most people have no true concept of the total impact, the massive volumes of things flying around the internet and for sure not the total e-commerce picture.


The magnitude of what is done globally online today is awesome from the view point of; volume, societal impact and economics. The quick charts below will give you a “starting point” of the volume of information that is handled every second of everyday, day after day after day. It is not ever ending and indeed it is ever expanding and going faster and faster. To think that every second 2.8 million emails are sent is mind boggling. To realize that every second 183,333 instant messages are sent between people. Every second of every day there are 21,407 facebook entries and 11,574 Google searches done. As impressive as these number are, look at the table below and see what this equates to on a daily basis (make sure you count all the zeros).


the numbers





























The really impressive part isn’t just these number, the really impressive fact is that this is just a snapshot of the internet and what it does. The numbers above are just a quick cross section of a portion if the internet and what it does, there is no Yahoo, searches or chats, no MSN, no news services, none of the other video feed sources, etc.


And virtually all of this equates into some kind of revenue source for some company. The birth of the internet was founded upon information sharing and communications. And as pure and altruistic as that is, the reality is that the internet is not just big business, it is astronomically huge business.  In 2012, for the first time, the internet’s e-commerce numbers crashed through $1,000,000,000,000.00. That is one trillion dollars of online business during the year. And just as the internet seems to be expanding just like our universe, so will the online revenue opportunities. The expectation for 2013 and forecast for 2014 shows anticipated increases of online revenues of 19 and 22 percent. Again though, these numbers are beyond the perception of most of us so I have broken them down into smaller time frames so we can better appreciate the real magnitude (see the table below).




This year will see daily revenues online of at least 4.3 billion dollars, hourly revenues of 180 million dollars, per minute this is in excess of 3 million dollars and the truly ludicrous number is that per second the internet will be transacting over $50,000.00.


The impact of the internet and our communication devices on; our lives, how we behave, how we communicate, how we think, how we make new friends, how we see the world and others and how we spend our money is truly amazing. It may not be the days of the Jetsons yet, but we have certainly morphed out of the antiquated lives we lived back in the 70’s and 80’s.


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