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Fragments from monitor.us Monitoring Service post at Scott’s Blog :

I’ve been recording the response time of my hosting company for this website with monitor.us This is a service which records the amount of time it takes for the server you host your website on to respond to web page requests. It can then send you an email whenever there is an interruption in service.

This is what I saw today when I checked the stats:

An average of 1.5 seconds isn’t really good enough and don’t even get me started about only getting 93% uptime!

In response to this I have been able to email my hosting company which has subsequently “resolved the problem”…

Also a good advice from Scott:

Don’t make the same mistake I did and have monitor.us send your
notification emails to an account hosted on the server it’s monitoring…
Didn’t even stop to think that if the server was down the email
wouldn’t get through! Send it to another account such as gmail instead.

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