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Build Your Performance Management Desktop with Mongets

monitor.us and Paid Monitoring Widgets (or Mongets) are small applications which present live web performance metrics from global and local perspectives. By using Paid Monitor Google widgets, our customers can build customized web performance management applications within Personal Google or iGoogle as it is shown below:

In order to build such tailor-made performance control desktops, user needs to add Mongets to Google using the buttons below, or using Google gadgets directory. User may install variety of widgets like Global Watch, Visitor Tracking, Uptime Snapshot and Perfometer Mongets. After selecting appropriate URL or IP addresses, Paid Monitor or monitor.us customers will get an acute visibility and control over web ecosystems’ performance. Both business and IT can benefit from the tailored performance desktops. Gaining such visibility and control, Internet marketers, sales, business managers and IT staff can improve their productivity and ROI. Here are some examples of possible applications:

  • Internet Pay-Per-Click and search engine advertisement campaigns’ effectiveness depends on site uptime and response speed. Every time when site is not available or slow, the advertisement dollars get lost. Using live monitors, marketers can instantly pause campaigns during downtime and increase campaign ROI.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success heavily relies on website performance and quality. Search crawlers frequently hit unavailable sites, downgrade their ranking and don’t index their content. Consequently, the site looses traffic from search engines. By using live performance data SEO consultants can notify clients about performance issues, in order to increase SEO campaign efficiency. Real time web traffic statistics helps to understand better site visitors and adjust the SEO process accordingly.
  • Online sales and customer satisfaction will be dramatically affected from slow e-commerce and web application sites. User experience can be measured by page responsiveness, thus slow load times reduce satisfaction and affect sales.
  • IT systems managers can find performance bottlenecks and may react quickly and proactively.
  • Users of third party web services may control the providers service level (SLA – service level agreement). You can use our data to complain your ISPs and ASPs (application service providers) requesting better service and meeting SLA terms. Similarly service provider may also watch the SLA and fix the issues even before customers notice.
  • Business managers can have at-the-glance view of key performance indicators and thus more control over their business. They can set goals for IT and Marketing and control execution directly.

Currently available Mongets:

Paid Monitor Mongets (for Paid Monitor registered users):

Global Watch Monget presents live web systems performance data measure from global end-user perspective.
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Visitor Tracking Monget provides real time views of web traffic including unique visitors, pageviews, referrers, OS and browser statistics, visitors demographics.
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Uptime Snapshot Monget delivers current status of web resources.
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monitor.us Mongets (requires free registration at monitor.us):

Web Perfometer provides Angle Gauge view of latest performance measurement.
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User may have several instances of the same Monget on the same desktop, configured to different web sites and devices.

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