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monitor.us is one of 7 best free tools

monitor.us is one of The 7 Best FREE Web Marketing Tools You Should know About (posted at https://www.websitesecrets101.com/25/the-7-best-free-web-marketing-tools-you-should-know-about/ and https://sufficient.blogswith.us/2006/05/15/the-7-best-free-web-tools-utilities-you-should-know-about/) by Bruce Hearder) :

“I’d guess that this site’s name was inspired by del.icio.us, but provides a very handy service monitor your web services.  I quote from their website “website and server monitoring service with personalized interactive interface, where you can add server performance and availability tests, get uptime reports, add contacts to get the alert notifications”.

It wasn’t that long ago that you had to pay $30-$80 a month to have the same service as these guys are providing for FREE. So if you need your web servers monitored these guys could be just the one.”

Hovhannes Avoyan

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