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Fantastic review about monitor.us

Please check an article about our service at monitor.us: an even more fantastic free web server monitor posted by Max Limpag. Very positive review. Here are a few fragments:

I revisited my monitor.us account and boy is it turning out to be a great service.

In the few days since I re-activated my account, I found monitor.us better than Montastic and Site Uptime’s free service combined. When I first used monitor.us, it was really slow and I wasn’t getting any idea that’s why I completely forgot about my beta account with the site. The site now loads faster and gives you a lot of data on the accessibility of the web servers you monitor.

In fact, monitor.us was able to detect downtimes not caught by the free Site Uptime account and Montastic in one of the web servers I manage.

monitor.us also exceeds other services of its type because it also tracks the response times of your web servers. Montastic and Site Uptime just alert you whenever any of your servers are down. The two sites do not track how fast or slow your web servers are.

monitor.us has a better user interface than either Site Uptime or Montastic. It gives you an online workspace where you can organize your data and the servers you are monitoring.

For full text please check the article.

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