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Dashboard as a key feature for a network management system

Jeffrey Orloff in his article How to choose a network management system (May 31, 2006, Computerworld) defines the key features that any network management system must have. As first feature in his list he mentions:

“One simple interface: Everything that you need to see should be easily accessible. There should be no need to switch between screens to gather information. Look for a network management system that utilizes a Web-based interface that can be customized for different administrators.”

That is the main reason behind monitor.us customizable dashboard interface: making all information available at a glance to help our users to see everything easily without switching between screens. Latest version of the premium service Paid Monitor event provide telnet or ssh terminal widget on the dashboard, so webmaster can fix the issues right on the same screen and see the consequence on the performance chart.

Ajax based  monitoring customizable dashboard presents the views and controls via movable widgets, which represents data from different sources. Currently Paid Monitoring(as well as it free service monitor.us) sourcing its data from External Monitors located in dedicated servers the US and Europe; downloadble Smart Agents located on customer computers for internal monitoring; visitors web browsers for visits tracking and Linux servers with telnet terminals.


In practice, Paid Monitoringdashboard looks like this:
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