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Monitor.Us Feature Improvements in 2014

Monitor.Us has always prided itself on being the best free dynamic all-in-one cloud based IT monitoring tool. With our platform you get; website monitoring, network monitoring, full page load monitoring, server monitoring, mobile monitoring and an open API so that you can easily customize our monitoring tools so that they match your specific needs. We present you all the information you want from your monitors in a smooth and intuitive dashboard that shows you everything at once, eliminating the need to try and manage your critical IT needs between multiple systems. This all-in-one dashboard let’s you see troubles quick with the details you need so that you can deal with them fast.




Throughout the year we continually strived to make sure we provide you with the best possible platform, chocked full of the services and features you need to manage your entire IT infrastructure. 2014 was no different as we put a lot of effort into bringing you improved;


Group Management and Contact Management Views

This makes it easier to see your groups and contacts and manage them in a easy and efficient way, saving you time.

Best Calculation method for your Uptime report

We modified the underlying algorithm so that the information you see on your uptime report more accurately reflects any downtime your website might have experienced.

 Intuitive dashboard and charts

Our user experience department continually reviews the way in which you see and work within our dashboard, listens to your comments and then makes modifications to assure that you have to best and most efficient tool at your fingertips.

 Helpful tool-tips to help you set up monitoring

We are continually adding valuable tool tips to help you navigate through your setup and management steps so that your work is easy, fast and concise.


Happy monitoring!


About Ralph Eck

Ralph is an international businessman with a wealth of experience in developing; telecommunications, data transmission, CATV and internet companies. His experience and expertise positions him uniquely in being able to; analyze, evaluate and critique technology and how it fits into a business’ operational needs while supporting its’ success.