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What metrics does Monitor.Us monitor and why should you care?

monitorus - CopyIf you are an IT administrator, then this article is for you. In this part 1 of the Monitor.Us Metrics series, we are going to look at what Monitor.Us is, and why you should care. Monitor.Us is a free web based IT monitoring tool, owned by GFI Software. They also have a paid version known as Paid Monitor. GFI’s software is currently being used by institutions like Harvard and Princeton to monitor their web applications, all from the comfort of a browser. However, today, we are principally going to talk about Monitor.Us, GFI’s free IT monitoring tool.


Monitor.Us’s free cloud computing services allow you to seamlessly monitor your web applications, databases, site availability, response time, network health and dozens of other metrics, all from one screen. We are going to talk about the most important metrics that Monitor.Us monitors and why you should care about them. Let’s get started.


Well, one thing is for sure about using IT monitoring tools, they help you boost your profits by a great margin by simply showing you what works and what doesn’t. But let’s go into the details now by talking about a few metrics and why they are crucial.


1. Uptime and Response time: This is one of the most crucial monitoring metrics you will ever come across in your IT administration career. The uptime and response time metric is essentially the life blood of your web application, therefore, keeping a close eye on this metric can be the difference between your business’ success and failure. The Monitor.Us uptime and response time monitoring metric allows you to ensure that your website is up and running with a quick response time, 24/7/365. This way, you know when it goes down so you can get it back up and running and not lose more customers. In addition, it is also capable of notifying you of failures via email, IM, SMS or live-voice.


2. Full-page load: This metric is highly crucial because most people have a very short attention span, and if your website doesn’t load quickly enough, you can lose a potential customer. The Monitor.Us full-page load metric performs regular checks on your website/web app and ensures that your pages load in time. This works by checking the load times of individual page components like CSS, JavaScript, etc. With facilities like detailed load times, it also gives you an alert if a particular page has gone missing (e.g. 404). This, combined with an array of other features, makes your monitoring experience a breeze and gives you the ability to increase ROI.


3. Server Monitoring: Server monitoring tools by Monitor.Us are very helpful if you are serious about keeping a close eye on your CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth usage and application processes. Server monitoring is the life-blood of any web application or cloud-based technology. Not only does server monitoring help you prevent upcoming faults in the system, it also indicates whether you need to upgrade any of your resources, like CPU or storage.

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