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6 Reasons Why Cloud Website Monitoring Rocks

IT GuyToday’s web administrator or IT troubleshooter is often incredibly overworked. As pretty much every element of business function has moved from the physical to the virtual realms, the IT professionals job becomes more cumbersome and challenging. We all understand how vital it is to make sure that all infrastructure, from data stored on physical machines to server-side functions, are secure and operating optimally. For the overworked IT professional, however, these are just additional job tasks to be added to an already overloaded schedule – no matter how important they may be.


This is why so many IT professionals have started looking towards cloud-based website monitoring tools. These are easy to use, time and cost effective, and they relieve the IT professional of ever more job tasks, without sacrificing the sanctity of your servers or data. What follows are just some of the reasons why cloud-based monitoring just plain rocks.


1. Easy Accessibility of Monitoring Tools


For the IT professional using cloud-based monitoring tools, you can easily access the monitoring tools while on the go. With proper permissions granted, the monitoring software can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Most companies that offer cloud-based monitoring solutions also provide mobile-based accessibility, which allows you to check on your site from any mobile device, remotely.


2. Inexpensive


These monitoring services tend to be provided on a subscription basis (starting at FREE) and the cost of the services is dependent on the scale of the services needed. They are also fast and easy to install, usually taking just a few minutes of your time.


3. Scalability


Cloud-based web monitoring solutions make financial and business sense for businesses large and small. These services are highly scalable, meaning that they can grow with the changing needs of your business, fast and affordably.


4. Instant Alerts to Issues


You will be immediately alerted, via text message, email or other alert, in the event that some or all of your site goes down or stops functioning. Any potential changes to the network environment that could prove to be an issue are also forwarded on to IT professionals so they can begin to tackle the problem as soon as possible.


5. No Hardware = Reduced Maintenance


There is no hardware involved on the user side with cloud-based monitoring tools. This means no downtime for hardware issues, as well as a reduced need to keep hardware experts on hand to handle any potential issues that may arise.


6. Analytics in Real-Time


With cloud-based monitoring solutions, you can easily monitor all elements of your site in real-time. This means that you can get the answers you need fast.


Anything that can help an overburdened IT professional do their job more efficiently and conveniently is bound to be a hit within the computing community. With cloud-based website monitoring, IT professionals have an automated, fast, and effective means of ensuring that all elements of the computing infrastructure are kept safe and running smoothly. These tools also provide the IT professional with a powerful wealth of information that can be used to streamline and enhance the functionality and usability of the site.



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  • Veler

    I cannot agree that it is inexpensive. Some services are very expensive and, in fact, it is so hard to find the reliable software at a resonable price with good features for monitoring and good tech support. It took me a lot of time till I got Anturis, cloud-based montoring tool for sites and databases, network and webapps.