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Essential Website Performance Metrics: Part 2

monitorus - CopyLast week, we talked about the power of GFI Software’s free website monitoring tool, Monitor.Us. Today, in part 2, we will continue, going a step further and highlighting the tool’s network, database and cloud monitoring features.


4. Network Monitoring: Monitor.Us’s network monitoring features are very easy to use and are just as important as any other metric in the monitoring spectrum. Why? Because networks lie at the core of any web based service and if the network goes down, it could put your business at risk. Network monitoring with Monitor.Us involves the testing of various protocols for maximum reliability.

These include SNMP, UDP, PING, TCP and SSH. In addition, Monitor.Us’s technology is equipped to provide you with checks for cross office WAN connectivity, telnet, http, intranet, extranet, routers, switches and all things networking.


5. Database Monitoring: Ever seen a web application without a database? No? Right. That’s because without databases, you’d have nowhere to store the information that drives your business. Data is unarguably the currency of the 21st century, and rightly so.

Monitor.Us’s database monitoring technology allows you to keep your database healthy and running at optimal performance. With a single-view dashboard, you can see a detailed analysis of your database with unparalleled speed. This is because all the monitoring technology is cloud based so there is no need to install or configure anything.

You can monitor a MYSQL Database, ensure you receive alerts and notifications during periods of considerable load and set customized thresholds. If you are short on time, you can ask Monitor.Us to summarize the analysis within a single view.


6. Cloud Monitoring: First of all, kudos to you for using a cloud system. Smart thinking. With a cloud, things are much easier, for example like scaling your application and reducing the time to manage your infrastructure. Just like any other server, whether cloud-based or hosted, it requires constant monitoring for maximum performance. With Monitor.Us’s cloud monitoring, you can get a good night’s sleep because it takes care of things for you. Here’s how:

The Paid Monitor agent is a proprietary technology used for cloud monitoring. It is deployed automatically on new servers, where it tracks their performance and resource utilization. In addition to newer servers, the cloud monitoring tool enables the IT administrator to track virtual server instances, generate notifications and alerts, and monitor cloud based mail, database and web servers. Last but not least, you can use the Monitor.Us cloud monitoring technology to perform key checks on common metrics such as CPI, memory, storage and processes.

Besides all of this, Cloud monitoring by Monitor.Us is made to work with leading cloud providers like Amazon EC2 and Rackspace.

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