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Amazon Reminds Us: Don’t Forget: You Can Use Amazon SimpleDB For Free!

I found something surprising on AWS blog.

Apparently, Amazon polled attendees at one of its recent Amazon SimpleDB webinars and the cloud services giant found that over half of those surveyed didn’t know that they could start using the database service for free.

The blog pointed out that SimpleDB is easy to use, scales easily to manage spiraling requests, and is available right now where a lot of IT managers need it – in its US and EU regions.

Amazon offered more incentives: “You can keep up to 1 gigabyte of data in SimpleDB without paying any storage fees. You can transfer 1 GB of data and use up to 25 Machine Hours to process your queries each month. This should be sufficient to allow you to issue about 2 million PutAttribute or Select calls per month.

For more guidance, you can access Amazon’s store of SimpleDB sample code and libraries, SimpleDB articles and tutorials, and some SimpleDB documentation.

You can also check out examples of just how easy it is to store and retrieve data using SimpleDB, PHP, and Tarzan. Have fun reading the post on creating cloud databases!

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