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A Web Hosting Primer

So you want to hire a web hosting company, but you don’t know the first thing about picking a good one, what they should be providing, what their record of service is like, etc.

Well, here’s some help. I read a decent article on the different types of web hosting that I think is worth reading, and it offered the following guidance:

First, here’s some information on the different types of web hosting that’s out there.

Shared and Virtual Web Hosting
This type of web hosting is when several virtual web servers are hosted on a single host server. The number of websites sharing a single server can be in the hundreds, even thousands.  Almost 90% of web users subscribe to this type of hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting
This kind of hosting is akin to you owning a small web hosting company.  This is hosting that allows you to create smaller hosting accounts to re-sell them and make money. You can create and control your own cluster of websites, instead of using different hosting accounts for each website.  And everything is under one roof.

Dedicated Hosting

Big websites use this type of web hosting because the server is hosting only their site – in contrast to shared hosting (hundreds of sites on a single server). These types of sites need dedicated hosting because they get a lot of traffic; they need a lot of disk space and other services that are dedicated to them alone.

Virtual Dedicated Web Hosting (VPS)
This type of hosting gives website owners a feeling of a dedicated hosting service – because they think they\’re the only one on a server.  But the server really hosts several other users, yet separates the main server into several virtual servers.

Free Web Hosting
These services are offered completely free to users – great for beginners hosting their first website or creating a website for personal use. However, you’re given a limited number of options, and, really, is anything in life free? The web host places advertisements on your pages in lieu of a fee.

Home Hosting
What does this mean? What it sounds like: hosting your website or websites on a server at home.  To do this you convert your computer into a server – connecting to a broadband service.

If you’re interested in other types of web-hosting, you can read more on And check out information on third-party website and server monitoring – services that ensure your host company is on the ball!

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