Online education portals like Udacity and Coursera are really changing the world of remote learning in significant ways. By making free and high quality education accessible to a global audience, these platforms are opening up undreamt of possibilities for communities around the world to improve, grow, and prosper in the digital economy of the 21st century. Education at top tier colleges and universities has traditionally been a social and economic privilege, but now anyone can join in the learning revolution by sitting in virtual classrooms with the world’s best and brightest educators. Whether this involves learning how to code and build smart phone apps, or starting up a new business, or learning about public health literacy, the sky is the limit of what’s now possible.

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Scalable online service with Amazon EC2

Recently Amazon released new beta service called Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2 . EC2 allows instantly starting (within 10 min) and running virtual Linux servers and paying on per hour bases ($0.10 per instance-hour consumed and $0.20 per GB traffic). For example running 10 servers during 1 hour or 1 server 10 hours will cost the same $2. Running one server all month will cost $72 + consumed traffic. Each instance predictably provides the equivalent of a system with a 1.7Ghz Xeon CPU, 1.75GB of RAM, 160GB of local disk, and 250Mb/s of network bandwidth.

EC2 makes possible to build highly scalable architecture easily and inexpensively. For example when load increases then EC2 customers can add more servers to the cluster for load balancing. Similarly when load decreases, these servers can be shut stop in order not to pay extra. can help you manage the capacity needs. When you see the site performance degradation, for example during rush hours, you can add more computing capacity only during these hours and then roll back to your normal configuration.

Please leave your comments if you know other or better scenarios of using EC2. I think it really may open some new interesting opportunities.

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