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Guide to Choosing Cloud Hosting: Part 1[Slideshow]

This issue of the Startup League series is dedicated to choosing the best cloud hosting for your business. We review 3 hosting providers to help you choose the best one for your startup.

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting allows websites to scale their hosting infrastructure when traffic rises. This is more cost effective and practical than a dedicated server. Instead of paying a flat fee, most providers only charge for the resources you use.

This means that if you scale up your site’s resources for 2 hours, the cost incurred is only for those two hours. Your business can grow without the worry of buying new servers or expensive hardware.

Many of the world’s largest hosting providers have opened up their own cloud hosting service. This enables virtually any site, small or large, to be hosted on a resource scalable platform.

The following providers are among the most recognized cloud hosting providers in the world.

Cloud Hosting Can Accommodate Any Size Website

Cloud hosting providers have options that can fit into any website or businesses budget. The pay-as-you-go model offers cost flexibility and most providers offer a discount for a monthly fee.
When building a new website or application, cloud hosting allows resources to be scaled up to accommodate traffic. This ensures that there is no downtime and that users can still access the site.
This is a very practical way for businesses to start out because they do not need to buy any expensive hardware. All they have to do is spin up a server and scale it to match their needs. It is that simple.
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