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4 Simple Tips to Increase Your WordPress Loading Time

optimize wordpressLooks like you are looking for a post, which can help you in amplifying the momentum of your WP site. If it is so then you have landed up on a right post. In this post, we will talk about the addition of appropriate plug-ins, implementation of right tricks to reduce the loading speed of your WordPress website. While using WP site, it is usual for website managers and owners to think ceaselessly about increase the speed of their websites. Some business owners also hire WordPress developers for handling the performance increment matters of their business websites. However, it will be good to know about the process of performance increment regardless of the fact that you do it yourself or take services of a coding agent.

Technically, you will need to have patience while reducing the loading time of your website. It will include the removal of unused element from your site, proper data optimization, and installation of proper plug-ins in your web site. Therefore, you should try to follow below mentioned steps precisely for availing the best possible results from your efforts.


Are All of Your WP Plug-ins Are Usable?

Here is a great responsibility on your shoulders. You need to analyze the importance of already installed plug-in or beforehand installing new plug-ins. It is technically true that installation of too many plug-ins can develop larger graves for your virtual reputation. You should certainly remove the plugins that are not in current or of future usage of your website. It will make your website able to load speedily. If there are some essential plugins then you should try to move your plug-ins to template files. It will decrease the overhead in the load times. Moreover, you should also prefer to use a plugin, which can include multiple functionalities like Yoast’s WordPress SEO. This includes XML site map, navigation breadcrumbs, and SEO tweaking.


 You should certainly remove the plugins that are not in current or of future usage of your website. It will make your website able to load speedily.


Are You Carrying Embedded Style Sheets?

There are some themes and templates that carry CSS file information in the header of web pages. The installation of such themes increases the total loading time of a website. If you look at the technical aspects of this problem then you will see that each webpage carry 5 kb of information in header. In this way, if user browses 10 pages (20 KB each) of a website then that extra 5 kb turns out as 50 kb in total. Now, you can understand that the visitor can visit approximately 12 pages in the time of 10 page browsing. Therefore, it will be good to fix the issue to increase the loading speed of your website.

1 <style=”text/css”> h1 {font-size: 150%; color: red; } h2 {font-size: 120%; color: blue; } p {font-size: 100%; color: black; }


In order to fix the issue, you can save the above-mentioned CSS in an external file. It will help you in saving the total time of your online viewers. Technically, the CSS file will download itself in the cache of visitor’s browser. Therefore, it will keep the user away from downloading the CSS repeatedly at each page.


In order make CSS load faster, you can save the CSS in an external file. It will help you in saving the total time of your online viewers.


Make Your Image Content Compact

You will probably be aware with the issue of using heavy images. It is highly important to carry light weighted images in your website. For this purpose, you can use an image compacting tool called Smush.it. This is really a resourceful tool for decreasing the size of the content. Technically, the compacting of images will not change the image’s visual properties. In case of your WordPress website, you can use Smush.it WordPress plug-in. This tool will compact your image automatically on uploading of images via media uploader. By using this plug-in, you can easily save a big volume of data from wastage. It will eventually increase the speed of your website.


Get a lighter and Smoother Facebook Page

We all know the potential of using Facebook fan page in our websites for bringing traffic form social media wires. It is highly important to use fan page but the application of fan pages also decreases the speed of your website. Therefore, you should prefer using a simple and helpful plug-in for decreasing HTTP requests. Apart from this, you will also have the need to install your own CSS to make it look good and appealing. But, it will not be big deal in return of increased loading speed of your website.

Congratulations, you just have gone across the most resourceful tips to reduce the loading speed of a WordPress website. It is expected that you can implement all these tips by your own. Still, if you find the implementation of these tips tough then you can hire WordPress developers for getting these changes implemented in a professional manner. The proper implementation of these tips will help you in keeping your site’s look & feel as well as load time appropriate for phenomenal success of your site.



Author bio –  John Pitt is an expert WordPress developer at Xicom technologies a Web development company based in India. He has been in this industry for five years and loves all things WordPress & technologies related.


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