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Slow Server Response Analysis


By using monitor.us reports feature you can identify days when the performance of your website or web service was worse than usual. It could be during certain events, holidays, or a day of week.


Then you can open a test view for your site, click edit, select this particular day and check performance throughout the day.


You may find, for example, that performance was degraded during certain hours of the day and if you have log analyzer tool (for example open source Webalizer or AWStats web analytics tools) then you can find whether your site was under a Denial of Service (DoD) attack or your traffic has peaked.  If it was a DoD attack then you may need to apply or update your firewall. If the reason was high ‘normal’ web visitors’ traffic then you have a performance issue on the server. Depending on your platform you can apply different performance optimizations. In the next articles we will provide you with some suggestions how to do such optimizations.

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