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10 Ways to Increase your Fan Base on Facebook (Part 2)

monitorus - CopyIn Part 1, we discussed the most effective ways to increase your fan base on Facebook.  In Part 2, we are going to discuss 5 more ways that allow you to get that fan count of yours pumped up and how to keep them engaged.


6. Post timing and frequency: Posting engaging and interesting content is important, but what most social media marketers forget is the value of post timing and frequency. Posting a piece of content on working days can result in a lower response rate that will hamper your fan growth. But if you post on holidays and weekends, there is a greater chance that your content will be liked and shared. The posting frequency is equally important. Posting regularly keeps your fans engaged and the ideal posting frequency is 3 posts per day.


7. Use Facebook Insights:  The role of analytics in social media marketing and fan growth on Facebook is very important. Facebook provides social media marketers a great tool for analyzing every single statistic about their pages. This tool is known as Facebook Insights and can be accessed here: www.facebook.com/insights. You can use Insights as a tool to measure the ROI of a particular marketing campaign, or to see if your page is doing well. Two important statistics to consider are ‘Total number of likes’ and ‘People talking about this’.


The latter helps you find out whether or not the audience finds your content engaging – the higher the number of people talking about it, the better it is. You can use the power of Insights to find statistics on things like the most popular language on your page, and if it isn’t English, you can then try to post content in an alternative language. But remember that fan growth on Facebook is all about experimentation, so not everything being said here can be considered a formula for a successful marketing campaign.


8. Use Promoted Posts Feature: Facebook recently introduced a new feature called “Promoted Posts”. The promoted post feature allows you to send out a specific piece of content as a sponsored story on your fans’ News Feed, giving you a huge social reach. The graph below shows how promoting a post generates spikes in impressions and the weekly total reach. It just shows how effective it really is.




9. Using Paid Advertising: Facebook generates its revenue from the paid adverts model. As a social media marketer, you can use “Paid Adverts” to increase your fan base more quickly than any other method discussed earlier. The Facebook Ads Manager can be accessed here: https://www.facebook.com/ads. If you are selling a product/service, Facebook Adverts is your answer.


10. Partner with other Pages: The cheapest way to build a healthy fan base on Facebook is by partnering with other popular pages for link sharing. Ask other page moderators to sometimes share your content in return for a link back to your page – and do the same for others. Building a long lasting relationship with other social media marketers is key to a great fan base in the future, and so is an effective marketing campaign for your products/services.


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