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10 Ways to Increase your Fan Base on Facebook (Part 1)

monitorus - CopyFacebook’s recent change to their proprietary EdgeRank algorithm has irked Internet marketers around the globe. With this said, only 25 percent of your fans actually read your content, and the other 75% barely even take a glimpse of it. In today’s article, we will discuss the first 5 of 10 ways to increase your fan base on Facebook so your content efforts gets delivered to the maximum number of people.


1. Like Box: The Facebook Like Box can be placed on your blog or website. It is a small widget that allows your website visitors to like your Facebook page from within.  To get a Like Box for your site, visit here and obtain the embed code.



2. Add Facebook page to email Signature: Do you send out a lot of email? If yes, then adding a link to your Facebook page within your email signature can increase your fan base quite easily. Gmail has an option to add email signatures and so do other email providers like Yahoo and Outlook.



3. Create engaging content: This is by far the most important part of the story. By creating engaging and compelling content, you can increase the chances of your existing fans liking and sharing your posts/pictures. This, as a result, would bring a lot of newer fans to your page, who might be friends of the fans that already like your page.


A key to creating engaging content for the marketing of your product/service is to use an infographic. A lot of people have a very short attention span and pictures are easier to understand. A free website to create stunning infographics is www.visual.ly



4. Invite people: The Facebook Pages manager allows you to build your audience in a variety of ways. You can increase your fan base by sending out invitations to your email list, Facebook friends or by sharing your page with groups/profiles/pages.



5. Create a Facebook App: With the advent of Open Graph and the Facebook Platform becoming more popular day by day, you can hire someone to create a Facebook app. For example, a Social Reader app can increase the social reach of your content by allowing your readers to post your content automatically on their timelines. The cost of a Social app can vary depending on complexity, but when it comes to multiplying your fan base quickly, it is another good option.




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