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New Jedi Wristband Can Control PCs and Fly Drones

two_ringsAccording to a report from techhive.com, scientists have created a new “Jedi-like” wristband which looks like something straight out of a Star Was movie. The new wristband has the ability to control anything from a computer or video game to a military drone…all with just the flick of your wrist.

Known as the “Myo device,” this band is worn around the forearms and can pick up on the electrical signals in your muscles. Aside from this, the Times of India explains that the device also has its own motion sensing chips inside. You can even program the Myo to recognize various gestures, swipes and functions that you set for each finger.

The Daily Mail shared a video that the developer of the Myo released, showing how the device works. With it, the user can control computers, video games, flying toys, Power Point presentations, remote 4wheelers, and even military-like drones. It works by bluetooth connectivity, and pairs with your devices and toys.

Anyone will be allowed to write software for the gadget, and the developer stated, “We’re excited to see how the Myo blurs the lines between us and technology.” Apps on both Android and iOS will also have access to the device, making it possible to use the Myo as a new interface for phones and tablets. The developers went on to say, “You can control presentations, video, content, games, browse the web, create music, edit videos, and so much more!” It can already be ordered online, with a delivery date set for later this year. 

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