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Funny Gmail Add-ons


Gmail is a terrific email service which stands well on its own. It comes with many great features and apps which make emailing simple and efficient, but can only be made better with the many add-ons that are available for the email program. Gmail is free, and ad-supported, which means that you will pay nothing for the service, but will see a few ads. Most of these ads are well placed so as not to interrupt your line of sight while working, and because Google uses your own searches and such to discover your interests, the ads are actually relevant to your needs. Some useful, and funny add-ons have been created for Gmail since its beta launch in 2004. In this article we will look at a few of the funnier ones.


Remember the Milk


Although the name of this Gmail add-on is a bit funny sounding, it actually helps to take some of the hassle out of life. According to e-junkie.info, Remember the Milk is a Google to-do list which allows the user to set priorities to different tasks. These priorities can be changed as you work, if you so choose. You can create to do lists, and then set a time limit on each one. You can also add tags and locations, and then mark them completed once you have finished. Remember the Milk even makes it possible for you to email each list to someone else.




No, this add-on won’t save your sanity, but it will help you to sort through the mess that Gmail can become if you have not set up filters. As explained by thenextweb.com, Sanebox only takes a few minutes to archive your unimportant emails and add the label @Sanelater. It works in a similar way to Priority Inbox, but with less hassle for the user.




While this add-on helps with productivity, it is created to add a little fun to your email. Instead of just letting you know when you have sorted through all of your email, and either answered, archived, or deleted them all, 0Boxer makes work into a game. Once you have installed the add-on you will see a new toolbar at the top of the page. Everytime that you delete an email, or archive one, thenextweb.com shares that you will get a point. You also earn badges for passes various milestones. Play it with your friends, and see who is in the lead!




This is a terrific extension for Gmail which does just as it sounds…it bounces your email back to you if it I not answered in a timely manner. As thenextweb.com explains, it works a bit like this, “If you send and receive a lot of emails, it’s easy to forget when you’re waiting for a reply. Once installed, Boomerang can return an email to your inbox, after a certain amount of time if you haven’t received a response. Boomerang also makes it easy to schedule an email to send at a later time.”

Those are a few of the funny, fun, and productive add-ons or extensions which are available for Gmail. Whether you need help with keeping to-do lists organized or remembering to look for an important email, these can take the hassle from your workday, and help organize your online life.

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