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Defining and measuring website performance


We who create websites talk much about performance, but talk little about what it is. Performance & Optimization Optimization is the attempt to increase or decrease some measureable value to its maximum or minimum. Examples: We can optimize a website for conversion to sales, time spent on site, number of visitors, and so on. We [...]

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning


The Importance of Business Continuity to Start-ups and Web 2.0 Companies An interruption can threaten a company at any time. As the IT specialist, it is important that you put an efficient data protection and disaster recovery system in place to alleviate any possible reduction in company uptime. Downtime that may result from interruptions can [...]

German and Portuguese dashboards for Monitor.Us

Guten Tag 4

Guten Tag! Olá! We’ve got some updates to share with our German- and Brazilian Portuguese-speaking clients and partners! Today, we are announcing the launch of  localized dashboards for German- and BrazilianPortuguese-speaking users and their clients. Now that you have a dashboard in your native language, it is easier then ever to  perform your day-to day tasks [...]

Monitor.Us Webinar

monitorus - Copy

As you know, Monitor.Us has undergone a serious upgrade last month, adding more functionality and pushing the barriers of what’s possible with our free tool. Earlier this month we ran a webinar, explaining what’s new in the brand new Monitor.Us. Here is the full screencast of the webinar. Find out what’s new in the upgraded [...]

We’ve just reinvented IT monitoring. Again!


Dear Monitor.Us Community, Welcome to a new era in IT monitoring! Building on what is already the world’s favorite free, all-in-one IT monitoring SaaS, today, we at Monitor.Us have radically revolutionized the industry.  We are now offering nearly everything that is available in our paid product, Paid Monitor, in our free product, Monitor.Us. Jam-packed with 77 [...]

How to sell end-user experience monitoring


As long as there are websites, there will be a need for website monitoring services. How well the reseller does is dependent on his/her ability to show his/her clients the value of using the monitoring service that he/she is offering. It is important that the reseller has a thorough understanding of the nature and value [...]

We are just 1 day away from the biggest news in IT monitoring in 2012


Dear Readers, Since 2006, when we created one of the first Cloud-based IT systems monitoring suites, we’ve liberated nearly 100,000 registered users from the shackles of software-based monitoring.  In the process Monitor.Us has become the world’s favorite free, all-in-one, IT monitoring SaaS. But we are not standing still!  We’ve been working really hard over the last [...]

Dependence on Vendors

Businessman hands in chains

Every tool we use on our websites makes us dependent on the creator and supplier of that tool. Examples: If our website uses HTML/CSS, we are dependent on the World-Wide Web Consortium. If our website uses PHP, we are dependent on The PHP Group. If our website uses Red Hat Linux, we are dependent on [...]

Business Benefits of Synthetic End-user Monitoring


Synthetic monitoring of end-users transactions and actions on a website is the latest in development tools used by many web or online businesses. In the past businesses relied on customer or end-user experience monitoring to test out their website performance and new features that they introduced. Today many businesses are able to apply synthetic end-user [...]

Reassuring Cloud Lessons

Get Wise to the Cloud

  Ready for an IT history lesson? First there were mainframes, then client-servers, then the Web and now there is the Cloud. How succinct can you get? This brief history is just one of the things that attracted me to an article about how the Cloud is coming of age. The piece featured a Gartner [...]