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German and Portuguese dashboards for Monitor.Us

Written by zhirayr

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Guten Tag! Olá!

We’ve got some updates to share with our German- and Brazilian Portuguese-speaking clients and partners!

Today, we are announcing the launch of  localized dashboards for German- and BrazilianPortuguese-speaking users and their clients.

Now that you have a dashboard in your native language, it is easier then ever to  perform your day-to day tasks and it’ll save you even more time, since you won’t have to  waste time translating the dashboard.

For those, who provide services to German and Brazilian Portugese-speaking clients,  this new update will enable you to share your monitoring reports with your clients in their native language, so now they can fully understand the current state of their websites or applications.

Start monitoring your websites now and get a full insight on new amazing features that we have in Monitor.Us after the upgrade.

To switch the language of your dashboard, simply got to the “Account” menu, chose “Options”

Then, pick your language from the pop-up!


If you didn’t have time to get acquainted  with the new features and possibilities of the new Monitor.Us, here is a short webinar that explains the new features in Monitor.Us.

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