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How to sell end-user experience monitoring

As long as there are websites, there will be a need for website monitoring services. How well the reseller does is dependent on his/her ability to show his/her clients the value of using the monitoring service that he/she is offering. It is important that the reseller has a thorough understanding of the nature and value of the service if he/she is going to be able to truly represent and resell the product efficiently.

Website monitoring services are used to run continuous checks on the pages of a website so as to ensure the site is up and running. When a website goes down, or a page on the site goes down, it results in business downtime that can be costly to both the business and its clients. When a business opts to use a website monitoring service it is taking measures to protect itself against such occurrences, and is protecting both itself and its clients. Overall it will be protecting its return on investment (website ROI) by eliminating or minimizing downtime.

The reseller will need to have a thorough understanding of the exact value that a monitoring service will bring to the website owner.

 Benefits a Website Monitoring Service brings to the End-User

The world of information technology is a very competitive environment for any website. A reseller needs to be aware of selling factors such as end user monitoring benefits. In order to remain on top and a viable part of the game, website owners have to ensure that their sites operate smoothly, and offer their clients quality service. Consumers are rather technologically savvy and know exactly what they want from a website. A website that fails to offer its customers the quality service they expect will quickly lose these customers. It is up to the site’s owner to ensure that it attracts customers, keeps these customers and builds customer loyalty by providing quality service.

Customers are not likely to remain with a site that is broken, dysfunctional, or that fails to deliver content on a timely basis. Websites that use a monitoring service may enjoy a number of benefits:

  •  A 24×7 website monitoring service which covers all of the website’s key components
  •  Receipt of early and immediate alerts about possible downtime
  •  Quick and accurate diagnosis of problems that may surface
  •  Reduction in downtime
  •  Increased sales for business sites (especially e-commerce sites) with no interruptions or downtime
  •  No capital investment
  •  No software installation or maintenance requirements
  •  Instant setup and immediate results
  •  No requirement for technological savvy, technical experience or technical training
  •  No integration problems and no technological risks
  •  Measurement of end-users perspectives
  •  A scalable monitoring system that meets the increasing demands of a growing enterprise and which the e-business demands


Why is Website Monitoring Important?

Many businesses today have more than one website to promote their business and bring them leads. These sites could range from blog sites (both business and personal) to business websites. The fact that a business would invest in creating these sites to promote its services and/or products and grow its customer base is enough reason for them to want to keep these sites up and running effectively. Businesses are keen on protecting their investment and ensuring that it brings them returns in the form of increased leads.

An e-commerce site cannot make money if it is experiencing downtime. If the site is out of commission for any period of time it could mean loss of significant business as customers may opt to go to another functioning site to fulfil their demands. With the use of a monitoring service, a website can quickly take action based on the instant notification of a looming issue. Unless it is a hardware problem, the issue can be resolved within a matter of minutes without disrupting employee activities or causing inconvenience to the customers. Longer downtimes result in greater loss of business.

Problems within a network create business emergencies. With the use of a monitoring service there is no need for the site owner to manually check that their site is up and running. It is not possible for even the savviest technological wizard to efficiently check a website all year round and capture the source of a problem that may exist. A monitoring service, on the other hand, captures this information within minutes and the site owner is notified via email. A monitoring service helps to preserve the health of a website. In a nutshell, website monitoring is important because it:

  • Protects the site from going through expensive outages
  • Alleviates the occurrence of problems such as bottlenecks


Website Speed and Performance Matters

Website monitoring helps the site owner to keep track of the site’s performance such as its uptime, page load time and its overall speed. These are factors that can be detrimental to the health of a site. Your site visitors represent potential revenue, and their experience on your site will affect its reputation. Disgruntled customers and a bad reputation can fatally hurt a company. Any operational error on the part of an e-commerce or e-business can mean millions of dollars in losses for the company. Large company sites, such as Sears.com, buckled under the slew of traffic that hit them on Black Friday back in 2008. This left many customers angry and charging that the companies should have expected the large volume of traffic and should have made preparations to handle it.

Slow websites are like a financial pit. Page load time monitoring is an important aspect of website monitoring. The one second difference between a 5 second and a 6 second page load can mean a large loss in profit for a company. Customers are just not patient with sites that perform below the standards they expect. In the same manner, customers expect to be able to access a site at all times upon demand. A business’s website uptime and overall speed is affected by the performance of each page. A website monitoring service will track the performance of each page and send out alerts about any potential threat to its health. This will leave the site owner with enough time to respond, and take measures to protect the website ROI.

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