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9 Popular Website Performance tips


Your friends at Monitor.Us created a survey a few weeks ago. Developers, system administrators, and others were asked to identify the top website performance tips that had made the biggest difference in their webapps. The results are now in. The top ten tips, according to you, are outlined below.This survey dealt with loading and rendering tips. [...]

For Performance, Use Parallel Processing


If a client machine’s CPU is over-utilized and it has only one processor, parallel processing will not improve performance; it may actually make it worse. However, if the machine has multiple processors and low CPU utilization, parallel processing will improve performance.Parallel processing occurs when sequences of code are executed simultaneously. There is some small overhead [...]

Defining and measuring website performance


We who create websites talk much about performance, but talk little about what it is. Performance & Optimization Optimization is the attempt to increase or decrease some measureable value to its maximum or minimum. Examples: We can optimize a website for conversion to sales, time spent on site, number of visitors, and so on. We [...]

Vote for your favorite HTML Performance Tips


Today we are announcing the start of our second poll on the Monitor.Us blog.  Our previous poll was two weeks ago and was on Loading and Rendering tips. This new poll is focused on HTML performance tips.  We are asking that you vote for performance tips you find most useful. In our quest for faster websites, we constantly stumble upon [...]

How To Use a Waterfall Chart


The first step in addressing any problem is to gather information. For website performance problems, waterfall charts are a handy tool. What is a Waterfall Chart? A waterfall chart is a bar graph that shows the individual and cumulative effects of sequentially introduced values. In website performance analysis, each bar represents one component on a [...]

This Week in Client-Side Performance


This Week in Client-Side Performance is a weekly feature on the Monitor.Us blog. It summarizes recent web postings about client-side performance.Due to popular demand, This Week in JavaScript Performance has been expanded and split into two weekly articles. This Week in Client-Side Performance deals with the client side of the performance issue (HTML, DOM, CSS, [...]

This Week in JavaScript Performance

Javascript performance tips

This Week in JavaScript Performance summarizes recent web postings related to JavaScript performance. Watch for it on the Monitor.Us blog at the beginning of each week. 86 percent of companies use multiple cloud services, says study   Author: Meghan Kelly.   Publisher: Venture Beat. This article shows how ubiquitous cloud-based services have become. “Today, 86 percent [...]

10 JavaScript performance tips

Javascript performance tips

Every week we cover JavaScript performance tips in our blog and this particular blog post is also dedicated to JavaScript performance. We’ve collected top 10 JavaScript performance tips that will improve your website’s performance. 1. Download Faster With A Few Adjustments When web pages have high amounts of varying content, it can cause pages significant lag [...]