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Monitor.Us Webinar

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As you know, Monitor.Us has undergone a serious upgrade last month, adding more functionality and pushing the barriers of what’s possible with our free tool. Earlier this month we ran a webinar, explaining what’s new in the brand new Monitor.Us. Here is the full screencast of the webinar. Find out what’s new in the upgraded [...]

We are just 1 day away from the biggest news in IT monitoring in 2012


Dear Readers, Since 2006, when we created one of the first Cloud-based IT systems monitoring suites, we’ve liberated nearly 100,000 registered users from the shackles of software-based monitoring.  In the process Monitor.Us has become the world’s favorite free, all-in-one, IT monitoring SaaS. But we are not standing still!  We’ve been working really hard over the last [...]

This Week in JavaScript Performance

This Week in JavaScript Performance summarizes recent web postings related to JavaScript performance. Watch for it at the beginning of each week. Progressive Enhancement 2.0 Presenter: Nicholas Zakas.   Publisher: yuilibrary. This 50 minute presentation is from the March 5 BayJax event. Zakas shares his vision of progressive enhancement. Cache them if you can Author: Steve [...]

GFI Software Reaches Further into the Cloud with Paid Monitor Acquisition

  The addition of Paid Monitor strongly positions GFI Software to solve the unprecedented IT management challenges arising from the rapid adoption of cloud computing Clearwater, Fla. – Oct. 25, 2011 – GFI Software today announced that it has acquired Paid Monitor, the pioneer of cloud-based network and systems monitoring solutions. This acquisition further strengthens GFI’s ability [...]

Public Cloud Safer than Private?

Public Cloud Highway - all aboard!

I read in an IT-focused blog the idea that a public cloud, for example, Google or Amazon Web Services, could be safer than a private one — that is, one behind the security of a firewall within an enterprise. Wow; that’s a statement worth taking note of! After all, there are certainly plenty of companies [...]

Earthquake-Proof Cloud?

After the Quake: Loss of Life...and Data

What can the tragedy in Japan teach us about the Cloud? One big lesson: earthquakes destroy or damage corporate infrastructure — including IT operations, with their servers and cooling systems that keep businesses running. After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a lot of businesses were left with damaged IT. Connections were down; apps were [...]

Good News from Google for Free Cloud Users

Google is innovating again with a new product  — and, from my point of view,  the result will be an easier, more integrated experience for cloud users, especially if you’re a small businesses testing out the cloud in the hopes of further ramping up at some time in the future. Google on February 25th released [...]

Stick Your Big Toe in the Cloud for Free

Who could blame you for being a bit skittish about the Cloud? After all, average ROI for cloud infrastructures among 100 senior-level IT pros in a recent survey was reported at 46%. Worse, 57% of respondents either did not know or could not quantify their ROI on cloud computing. For small companies deciding on whether [...]

If Wikileaks Can be Attacked, So Can You

Do you think your site is immune from vicious or just plain juvenile cyber attacks? Think again. Just look at what’s happened to Wikileaks, the whistle-blowing site that has got the whole diplomatic world in an uproar over its posting of more than 250,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables from around the world. The memos contain [...]

Thanksgiving for AWS

On my list of things to be thankful for this holiday season is Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform. While more and more companies adopt private clouds, especially larger enterprises, AWS has helped countless small businesses migrate to the Cloud, save, be more efficient and, ultimately, grow! I saw an article in Slate that sang the [...]