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Paid Monitor Review in

Recently we saw review about Paid Monitor in, which is probably one of the best Hosting Guides on the web, we copied the beginning of the review, the rest you can find on Here it is: “Keeping track of the status of your servers can be something that keeps you up worrying at night. [...]

SYS-CON about Paid Monitor

see Monitoring Applications in the Cloud article at SYS-CON Magazine: Keeping track of all the pieces inside the cloud is very important, but you also need to know how your environment in the cloud is performing to the outside world.  There are more external monitoring services out there than I can count.  But I’ll tell you [...]

The Cheapest Domain Registration?

Within less than a day we launched domain name search and registration service AptDomain we got our first post The Cheapest Domain Registration?Some fragments: So when we read this morning that webiste monitoring service have expanded into the domain registrar World, we though “Cool. They’re a big, reputable company and we’d happily register through [...]

15 Tools to Help You Develop Faster Web Pages

15 Tools to Help You Develop Faster Web Pages: “ is a free web-based service that grants you a suite of tools for monitoring performance, availability, and traffic statistics. You can establish your website’s response time and set up alerts for when a service becomes unavailable. You can also set-up weekly, automated benchmarks to see [...]

Some cool web montoring websites

Gayan at reviewed several web sites. In your words: “ And finally the best of all the free web monitoring sites, This site has all the monitoring features a webmaster would want. Charts, graphs, internal monitoring, benchmarking and many many more from this site for free. This is something that you should have [...]

Web site monitoring tools

…Slightly more complex, but also data-rich and informative, is Sign up, and you can monitor sites, compare site up-time, get detailed reports, and receive email alerts when your site goes down. is not as easy to use at Montastic, but the reporting is more robust. And since both services are free, it certainly [...]

Review: Website Monitoring with

Good review of at Review: Website Monitoring with Two examples from the review: At one job, we used Nagios which is a great piece of Open Source Software but may be a bit of overkill to set up for simple website monitoring. If you need customized and complex monitoring, I think Nagios would [...]