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Attract customers fast and easy – through e-mail


Or how your business can benefit from e-mail marketing Can you benefit from having your customers e-mails? Yes, when we’re talking about effective e-mail marketing. Good messages can be useful for users and businesses can profit from them. So don’t leave this tool of online marketing behind – you can hardly find a more effective direct marketing instrument [...]

7 tips for effective e-mail marketing


Basic tips you should be aware of before you start with your e-mail campaign Here is a list of the 7 basic rules, which will guide you through the planning and creating of your email campaigns: 1.Send you e-mails as often as your recipients want How often should you send your e-mails – so that [...]

Google Adwords: Best Practices and How-to


We have previously covered the about choosing the right online advertising platform and talked about how to set-up and run Facebook ads.In this post, we will be concentrating on the world’s most popular online advertising tool: Google Adwords: it’s best practices and nuances and also the ways to achieve the best results with it. Since Adwords has [...]

Shoestring budget: Facebook Ads vs. Google AdWords


Which one you should choose for your business – or is this a necessary choice at all? You’re running a small business and you want to benefit from the hot topic in the last few years –targeted online advertising. But you’re confused about which instrument you should use so that you achieve the most efficiency [...]