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We’ve just reinvented IT monitoring. Again!

Written by zhirayr

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Dear Monitor.Us Community,
Welcome to a new era in IT monitoring!

Building on what is already the world’s favorite free, all-in-one IT monitoring SaaS, today, we at Monitor.Us have radically revolutionized the industry.  We are now offering nearly everything that is available in our paid product, Paid Monitor, in our free product, Monitor.Us.

Jam-packed with 77 new free tools and features, Monitor.Us, the all-in-one monitoring tool of choice for nearly 100,000 IT professionals worldwide, just got a whole lot more powerful.  Included among the 77 new tools and features are:

• The ability to create custom monitoring tools

• A new Cloud monitoring tool

 A new real browser end-user monitoring tool

Why are we doing this?  It’s about doing the right thing.

We’ve always worked on a Freemium model in which Monitor.Us is sponsored by Paid Monitor, the premier enterprise-grade, all-in-one, Cloud-based monitoring tool for commercial use on mission critical systems.

Monitor.Us, on the other hand, is optimized for home and small business Web and Cloud systems monitoring.

Recently we’ve sensed that Paid Monitor had become a vastly superior product to Monitor.Us, and that there was a need for rebalancing.  With this new launch, we’ve made nearly everything in Paid Monitor free in Monitor.Us.  Other than a handful of purely enterprise-grade features, the only real differences between the Paid Monitor and Monitor.Us products are:

• the ability to save monitoring history,

• the number of monitoring locations,

• and the frequency of checks.

So if you’ve already joined our rowdy little band of renegades who are single-handedly sticking it to the entrenched and out-of-touch software-based monitoring industry, welcome to Monitor.Us on steroids.

And if you are still shackled to an unwieldy conglomeration of non-integrated software-based monitoring tools, we say, “Be Free!” – you’ve got nothing to lose but your stress…

And your late nights…

And your slow root cause analysis…

And your complex installs and software updates…

And your ever-growing, server-driven CAPEX budget…

And most of all, your forever being afraid that someday, what you know you don’t know will come around and bite you in your rear end.

It’s time to come to the Cloud and set yourself free!

Be Free!


Hovhannes Avoyan


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