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Everything about Web and Network Monitoring

Why You May Need WAN Monitoring?

WAN Monitoring is becoming extremely important for distributed corporate networks. Network managers have learned that service quality is dependent upon an efficient and balanced system. Key activities for this should include WAN Monitoring along with Router monitoring. If a company has more bandwidth than needed, this could increase costs to an already very expensive system. Undersubscribing must also be avoided to hedge again poor performance and/or network congestion.

Companies spread out to multiple cities, countries, and planets being motivated by factors such as outsourcing, making WAN links their support for their routine functioning. Having consolidated the servers into a central datacenter and having invested a great deal on critical applications such as ERP/CRM/VoIP etc., enterprises have to make certain LAN-equivalent application performance over WAN to safe guard the investments made.

What is the reason for my monitoring WAN link availability? Should the WAN link is down, it would mean the whole branch office populace following the WAN link would not be able to reach any application that is supported in the data hub. By using suitable monitoring, users can fathom a problem causing link and watch the spot where the failure occurred, even if it is within the service provider’s net.

WAN Link Performance Monitoring measures packet’s “round trip” time. This measurement of latency time is one of the best indicators of the quality of connection that has been established. If latency is high, a lot of your applications will crumble. Besides latency, in order to utilize bandwidth efficiently, it is necessary to have information about how it is used and by whom. This means that monitoring WAN traffic and utilization is very important too.

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