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Virgin Media Goes Down

Internet service provider (ISP) Virgin Media last Tuesday suffered a major outage – with some customers left without access for as long as 24 hours. Outage problems continued into Wednesday, affecting customers’ email and broadband accounts.

Virgin Media blamed the downtime on “power fluctuations” at its facilities in Berkshire, U.K. But it said that engineers worked on the problem round-the-clock until service was restored around mid-day on Wednesday, September 30.

Virgin Media has suffered email problems previously, with its services going down – due to cluster failure – at the beginning of September.

A story on Periscope IT hinted that the problems could have been avoided with website monitoring services. Funny, that’s what Periscope does.

Whatever…still, it’s disturbing to me to read about the frequency of outages by major ISPs, like Virgin and Google, even as we continue to envision glory days of computing on the cloud. Perhaps, as an industry, we should focus on fixing the small problems before getting too carried away with visions of the future.

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