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Twas The Night Before Christmas from Monitor.Us


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your friends at Monitor. Us. We hope that you and your family have a very happy holiday season.


Twas the night Before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, just dads’ busy mouse,

With a laptop, a tablet and a mobile device,

he was still shopping for the ones who had been nice,


The stockings were all hung by the fire with care,

As dad shopped and pulled out his last hair,

We were all curled up in our beds,

With Dreams of Apps filling our heads,


He surfed and he searched,

He bought and he clicked,

This for the kids and that for our mom,

And All from santa at Amazon.com,


Then all of a sudden I heard a big noise,

It gave me a shiver and made me lose poise,

I jumped to my feet and ran for a good look,

I froze in my spot but a picture I took,


I thought I would see a small sleigh and 8 reindeer,

When what to my wondering eyes does appear,

A little old driver, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment, it was the fedex guy named Nick,


He was dressed all in red fur, from his head to his toes,

A big cap on his head and a very red nose,

The beard on his chin was scraggly and white,

His clothes all wrinkled and tight,


I squinted my eyes and fought off the confusion,

I shivered and shook, this was no delusion,

His movement was fast, so nimble and quick,

I knew in an instant, he was truly St. Nick,


He took out a sack and filled it so full,

Presents for all and with a twist and a pull,

He flew to my roof without nearly a groan,

Up and over, Like a fluffy red Christmassy drone,


I stood in my corner, like a scared little child,

He did his work quick, then saw me and smiled,

Where was Rudolf and where are the elves?

A smile and wink, “Retired and enjoying themselves”


“The pole was too cold and I am too old,

So we restructured and went bold!”

He spoke with something between glee and a gloat,

“We went high tech and an IPO we did float”


He spoke on with pride and a flair,

I couldn’t believe it, Santa – a tech billionaire!

“So we work in the Valley and like our new tan,

the stock is a surging and Wall Street’s are our fan”


He turned and he spun and was gone with a wink,

I stood in my shock knowing not what to think

I looked out the window and gulped in surprise,

His truck rose so quick and flew to the skies,


I squinted and peered to see what could be seen,

When my attention was pulled and I looked at my screen,

With a nod of my head and just one quick peek,

“Merry Christmas from the world of the geek”


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Ralph Eck

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Ralph is an international businessman with a wealth of experience in developing; telecommunications, data transmission, CATV and internet companies. His experience and expertise positions him uniquely in being able to; analyze, evaluate and critique technology and how it fits into a business’ operational needs while supporting its’ success.
  • Chris

    Great poem and thanks a lot for the congratulations. I wish that my monitoring tool Anturis would have the same congratulations!