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SOAP Testing: Two Months and Counting

Doing a little bragging here, but I’m a very proud father.

It’s been two months now since my company, Paid Monitor, Inc., launched the first cloud-based SOAP testing service available for on-demand Web services and applications load testing.

No, we’re not testing Dove, Ivory or Dial. SOAP in this case stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, and it governs how structured information is exchanged in computer networks – which ultimately allow web services to be offered. SOAP is the primary protocol for service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles, allowing systems development and integration to go smoothly and for functions to be provided as services to customers.

This is our latest update for Paid Monitor’s WebLoadTester testing suite, and it is specifically intended for SOA applications. We offer SOAP load testing with simulated heavy traffic in real time, and that allows webmasters to determine how performance can be optimized. This should lead to better integration of SOA apps and generally improved productivity. Among benefits, test cycles will be shortened, and companies can speed up the development and delivery of complicated apps for the cloud (with minimal downtime).

In this increasingly SOA environment, I can think of more than a few industries that are going to benefit from our new cloud SOAP testing. For example, there’s the travel industry. Because any software engineer can now pull services off the shelf to build a complete suite of travel agent software, WebLoadTester can analyze the efficiency and throughput of the delivery channel, as it operates beyond corporate firewalls.

IT personnel are already under a great deal of pressure to test and improve the performance of web-based apps. Some of the tasks involved usually include finding the hardware to test, setting up load agents on multiple computers, configuring the load agents, running the tests, and compiling the performance reports. Talk about a lot of time and resources! But with WebLoadTester, test scenarios can be defined and done in minutes, and the cost of ownership of load testing tools will be pared significantly.

And because this service charges per usage (just like the pay-as-you-go cloud), there’s no need to invest in costly infrastructure. After two months, customer interest and reception has been robust.

Do you have a few minutes? Read more about our on-demand SOAP testing.

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