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OneForty Site a Twitter Buying, Marketing Mecca

Now there’s a central place for Twitter app addicts to shop and Twitter app developers to market them.

I recently read about a new site called Oneforty, now in private beta. It offers 1,332 free and paid apps and services built on Twitter’s API. This is great news for users. They can search for, rate and buy Twitter services there. And it also features lists of the most popular apps on the marketplace, as well as the “best” apps for nine types of Twitter services. For instance, there are apps for:

  • Business
  • URL shortners
  • Image sharing
  • News
  • Travel

There are some social networking features, too.

Of course, you can buy apps on Twitter’s site, and then there’s the wiki directory of Twitter related sites and apps. But Oneforty represents an improvement in layout and navigation. And I’m not forgetting Twitdom (which has an app database with reviews and ratings). But, as a recent story on Oneforty’s development pointed out, the user interface and marketplace feel of Oneforty seems superior.

Features for developers are cool, too. Each listing for an app or service has a detailed description of its features, including screen shots. Oneforty also categorizes the apps, for example, by business or travel. The listing also identifies the developer who created the app, features press mentions of the site or app and pulls in a stream of Tweets about them.

Curious about Oneforty?

TechCrunch magazine has 100 invites to try out Oneforty. Use the code TC140.

I’m always on the lookout for cool and innovative ways to help developers get their stuff out. Don’t forget; you heard about it here!

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